A lucky man’s treasure

He had never taken her from her ass but he had warned or rather promised that he would. “Face down, ass up” he told he and she abided, hastily getting into the position, her brown chocolate skin shining and reflecting the sun. They were on their private trip at his beach house, spending some lovely time together. 

He grabbed the thick and creamy liquid and squeezed it just between her butt cheeks, it was cold and gelatinous,    eliciting a hot and burning desire and want from her as the gel slid down the crevice of her ass to her pussy, landing onto the pillow on the deck. 

He then massaged her ass at the entrance with his dexterous and magical fingers. She took in some breath and tensed up when he slowly slid his finger into her little and tight hole. “Relax baby” his voice was patient and silk as he told her  while he massaged her ass cheeks. Squeezing and rubbing.

She breathed out and relaxed which eased the pain as he fully fitted his thick forefinger in there. He pulled it out and massaged around the tight tissue almost relaxing it. He then eased two of his fingers in, she hummed a little as what she felt was rather confusing. Pain burned and seared in her ass, it felt as though she was being stretched by something possessively huge. If she wasn’t brave she would have been drenched in tears. But that was the other thing, him Fucking her ass with his fingers wasn’t about bravery. It was the pleasure she felt. The pleasure that coiled at the pit of her stomach, threatening to attack her mercilessly. She could feel moist and warmth gather at her groin, growing intensely; making her crave and want more. 

Then more cold liquid poured between her ass cheeks and this time he glided his hands from the nub of her pussy, teasing between the folds of her pussy, coming up to her ass. Then he used the liquid to lubricate and alleviate the burning sensation of his two fingers as they dipped into her ass once again. This time, despite the pleasurable pain it came with, she wanted him to stretch her wider because she knew he was thick and lengthy. So if his fingers felt this good what more his dick? 

“I can feel your body communicate with me” he grinned “I love how my touch exhilarates you, how only I can make desire flourish inside you and how much you become so drenching wet when I touch you” his voice was filled with such merriment and gratification. She loved pleasing him because unlike many other masters, he loved her, valued her and cherished her it emboldened her to give herself up to pleasing him because it pleased her too.

“Do you want to feel my cock buried inside your ass, baby?” His voice was Silk with lust and affection, laced with such heavy dominance, reminding her where she belonged and where he belonged. In which he belonged inside her, he had to bury himself as deep as he possibly could. He possessed her in every way he wanted and that she loved. 

She belonged to him. 

“Yes, I Have” she responded, arousal taking the weight of  her voice making her sound desperate. 

“You please me in many ways baby. I promise to take good care of you” he told her as he stopped massaging her tight hole. It squirmed and quivered seeking his attention and his cock. She was certain it was what she wanted then. 

He grabbed her red lacy thong and bonded her wrists with it and laid her hands on her back. He then spread her legs wider, the beautiful and cool ocean breeze brushing delicately past her opening. Arousing her even more. But it was soon forgotten as fire, pain and pleasure seared at her tight little hole as the bulbous tip of his cock eased into her. 

She let out a small little cry, it was filled with both pain and pleasure but she was certain pleasure overwhelmed the wrath of pain. 

As he slithered deeper into her and her ass burned, being stretched to fit his thick girth, while he was also fully buried inside her. She loved it. Bound and helpless while he took her from her ass, she fucking loved it. 

He withdrew slightly leaving just a tip inside then sheathed himself in once more. Every time he possessed her it was like a whole new fire burning with the most exquisite agony then replaced with heavy ripples of pleasure that conjured a somewhat furious orgasm. 

He dug his fingers into her ass and spread them open. Stretching her more. She was growing accustomed of him inside her ass and he was aware of this. Then he began moving, his movement gentle and driven by their ardour. She began pushing her ass to him, his milky skinned hips slamming against her chocolate skinned ass. Fervently he began moving, in and out, passionately and keen, driven and possessively. 

His hand gripped on to her waist to assist his entrances. Despite the pain that was with her body registered with each entrance, what followed was immensely huge, pleasure coiled in her groin, tempting every nerve in her body to let go. She just needed a little more something. 

Then he slammed into her and held himself inside there, wrapped up inside her warmth, his home. Right where he belonged. That thought pulsed in his blood, pumping up a huge fire inside him. A burning desire it was and he knew with a few more entrance, he was going to climax but he wanted to climax with her. Together as one. 

“I want you to touch yourself” he said as he untied her wrist “fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass” he told her and she complied, driving her hands to her wet pussy and massaging eagerly. 

Pleased with how she complied quickly, he began moving, fast this time. His eyes glinted with feral desires, emitting pleasured sounds,  his body moving in unison with her fingers diving into her pussy. 

He smacked her ass and she crooned, opening up for him more, giving him easy access into her ass. Then her body began tightening, every muscle in her body tightened, a myriad of pleasure threatened at her groin bidding her to ferociously rub her clit while he slammed into her hungrily. 

The sight of the beautiful blue ocean with white sand and the blue skies began to fade away as a tremulous tsunami of pleasure attacked her body, stormy and furious. Stripping every little energy she had astray from her muscles. 

He erupted too. Spasmodically. Trembling with unfettered pleasure, knocking the beach out of sight, increasing the speed of his heart. His hard member emitted his hot seed into her. Filled her up while she also pulsated. 

Their orgasm was like no other. It left her knackered, strengthless and content. It was something she endured everyone within their odyssey of ceding and receiving power. 

“I love you baby” he breathed out once he had calmed his heart as they laid on the deck facing the beach, all naked and dated while the fresh breeze of the salted water massaged their bodies and gave them a bit of a shiver that excited them nonetheless. He looked into her eyes like she was a benediction. A young girl that had gave herself to him and ceded all her power and gave herself to him. 

Wasn’t he a lucky man?

28 thoughts on “A lucky man’s treasure

    1. Thank you Simon, it’s always such a pleasure hearing from you and yes I ought to write every scenario with passion and hit eroticism and that’s my signature in everything I write. Thanks for read Simon 😊

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  1. Damn, I feel like a luck my man just being able to read this! Love the details and how this experience feels from a woman’s perspective. I have found that women do really enjoy this if worked up to it properly. Very hot post, sexy girlπŸ’–πŸ”₯

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Michael, sorry to respond so late; and thanks for commenting, it’s always nice to know you have read some of my work.
      And yep, anal is something that isn’t easy for most women to simply endure, it goes by desire and stamina I guess.
      Thank you for reading my post Sir Michael, I hope you are having a good day 😊

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      1. There is something very consuming for a man to take a woman’s ass… The tightness and the heat…the way she falls submissively upon the bed in complete submission. The power of the orgasm as you squeeze and spank her ass, grab her hips as you bury yourself deep in her ass for that final release…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The visuals in this comment are simply breath taking and despite being a girl I understand how much it means to a man to take a woman from her ass. To be honest it’s one of the most exciting erotic things to indulge in.

        Liked by 1 person

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