Loving someone 

Loving someone isn’t something that comes glamorous, you make it your own kind of glamorous because everyone has got their own kind of glamorous. 

Loving someone isn’t about what job they do and how much they cash in. They could be cleaning toilets for all I care. Love is loving them the way they are, knowing the reasons why they are where they are and opting to help them go a step higher not to ridicule them and judge them by their job. 

Loving someone should never be about money. Money is materialistic, one day it will be meaningless but love will last forever. Love has got more happiness than money, knowing you could be broke today but you will have your significant other by your side would make me feel like the wealthiest person.

Loving someone isn’t about their appearances. Of course what attracts us is their appearances but it’s not always like that, behind the facade is something more mystic, something worth a lifetime of exploring. Treasure. 

Loving someone shouldn’t be about the mistakes they have made, it’s about learning from their own mistakes too. Accepting that they are human beings and therefore mistakes are common. 

Loving someone shouldn’t be about who he/she hangs around with. That’s his business, your business is loving him as a full package and that means accepting the people he lives around. 

Loving someone shouldn’t be easy because what comes easy goes faster, but what you have worked hard on, sweated and cried, and almost gave up, is what lasts forever and perhaps the most golden thing you’ve done in your life. 

You should know, being special to someone is the most beautiful thing. Having someone special is the most adventurous experience. 

Loving someone should be something you never give up on. 

22 thoughts on “Loving someone 

  1. Beautiful Samantha!! You are going to make some man very happy. I once heard a saying and it stuck with me. Wanna know what you call someone who trains hard, eats clean AND talks dirty? A KEEPER!!! I think most people are honest with each other to a point when they start a relationship, but they don’t go full-on honest. OR one person goes full-on honest, and the other partner is not comfortable with part of it, but they nod along like they are fine because they are happy with the rest. Depending on what character trait that is, it could be a huge deal down the line, so people need to be up front on stuff like that. Also, you could be compatible on so many different ways, but if someone does not fuck you the way you need it, down the line, that is going to be an issue. Just being with someone you get along with most of the time is not near enough. I don’t believe in unicorns or that you find the perfect match, but I know that I would stop and ask a lot more questions up front, and then watch the person to see if their actions match what they say before I committed to anything long term again. We’ll see how this 16 year marriage works out…Sorry to hear that you are thinking about deleting your WP…Why is that?

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    1. Hey thanks for commenting and I agree with what you say. Like I have said before loving someone is a journey and all that you mentioned is something a person should consider before going far into the relationship

      And I am not deleting my WP, I wouldn’t do it so early haha 😊

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  2. This is inspired… Loving someone is about loving them for who they are and helping them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Even if that means you have to go out of your way to do it. ☺

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