Q&A answers 

Hey guys so I asked you guys to ask me a few questions and some of you did through comments and through email. 

Here are my answers

1. Where are you situated? 

I am from UK 🇬🇧 I thought people knew that haha 

2. Am I single or taken? 

Single 🙁

3. What is it that turns you on? 

I am such a weird person so I have numerous turn on but personality wise, k like someone who is assertive, of course it could come across as arrogance in which I don’t really like arrogant men but if he is sure about himself, it’s a turn on. 2. I like a fit looking guy, not all etched because ladies we like it or not, a guy doesn’t go to the gym to look this hot: to date one girl, trust me, with these good looking tattoos and this body… girl, you would be just signing a contract of heartbreak cause you won’t be the only one and I want my only one. I would totally get it on with him tho 😉. 3. Touching and kissing, an obvious turn on. 4. A dominant, protective and possessive guy, I like that. A lot. 5. Tattoos 🙌🏾 massive one right there.

4. When you write stories do they turn you on? 

Despite how much I love making every erotic story and poem ever so sexy, some of the stuff are actually acts I wouldn’t indulge in but would tempt to. But there are some like my poem Vanish, Let me play, let me put on a show for you daddy, elicit, worshiping you, filthy love and more; they always turn me on even if I go back to read them again, they leave me feeling hot because they express my sexuality a little bit more. So imagining myself doing some erotic things always turn me on and when I write it down it’s even more. 

5. How much do your sexy posts make it up for being single or do they not make up at all? 

Sometimes they don’t make up at all, especially when I write something and I know I would like a certain person I.e boyfriend to read it, it gets frustrating and puts me off. But sometimes they do, because I would be think which ever guy that’s going to have me, is gonna be blessed. 

6. What makes you get up in the morning? 

My life. My writing. My career plans. Hope. Hope to find love, hope to find happiness, hope for my books and my acting career. These things make me wanna get up on the morning. 

7. Do you find any pleasure in living life? 

Hell yes, life is full of shit and all but it’s something that’s absolutely worth living. Finding love, working hard, having babies, your family, sex, vacation, sadness, pain, love, hate, all of it; it’s worth living. 

9. When are you going to do that self portrait sketch? 

I haven’t had time but I will do it. 

10. Have you visited the USA? If not why not? If yes where did you visit? 

I have never been to USA but I wish to visit places like Miami, Los Angeles,  Texas and many other places. 


This question was long so… here’s the answer. I haven’t dated a lot because I haven’t wanted any distraction, I am too career driven. But a long time ago, a guy said he was in love with me and in his eyes I could tell but I wasn’t in love. Hell I had been going out with for like a month and we were very different in personality and views about the world. We were just oil and water. And I was having a hard time loving myself due to my insecurities. So if I wasn’t inlove with myself, I wasn’t capable of loving anyone. Sometimes I think my heart is made of stone, trust me it’s not, but I don’t really fall in love that easy; well at least I haven’t yet. I just ‘like’ first but I have never been more than that. That said, I also don’t just bang, you know. So I have hurt some people. 

12. Curious how you came to write such sensuous poetry, and how you started thinking that way. Do you have a man in mind who inspires you, or just a vision of what you would want? 

I started thinking sexually when I was 16-17. I read some erotic text and it was a proper romantic one and I started having these feelings lol. It scared me shitless because I thought if my mom found out I was thinking about all dirty stuff I would like a guy to do to me and that I would like to do to a guy, she was going to kill me. My family tends to make sex sound like something so horrible. I personally think it’s one of the best human things to indulge in. And I can’t help being a freak about it. And mostly no one knows that side of me, whoever finds out that I write such books and poems they say “really? You don’t strike me like that kind of a person” it always shock people then they are interested and astounded with my work. When I write my sensual poems, sometimes I would be having a man in mind. The man that I write about sometimes. There are so many things I want to experience within my sexual life and I wish to experience all that with one man. Second, sometimes I do write from what I would want to do, mostly to a guy, I guess I have a mini dominant bone or I am just into pleasing my partner in ways they will never forget. The other thing is I grew up knowing that sex is so wrong, it’s a sin. My grandparents were quite strict. So when it came to mingling with other guys, I never did. Now it’s starting to feel so much like something natural.
Thank you for asking me some questions and trying to get to know me. 😘

18 thoughts on “Q&A answers 

  1. Interesting read. I can very much relate to being always told that sex is even a bad word and talking or questioning about it is a shame. But I am glad that you have come forward to write about it so beautifully. I enjoy your posts and am proud that at least there are some people who admire the real essence of lovemaking and are openly scripting about it.
    Thumbs up dear!

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    1. Thank you for reading this.

      I am glad you can relate to being told sex is a bad thing. In other ways I could say they would be trying to protect us, but we are human beings, its natural to feel erotic in a way and I enjoy writing it and I slowly and slowly accept myself through writing.
      Thanks for understanding 😊


  2. I love getting to know more about you, Saam! You are a beautiful person inside and out. Been missing you at my blog, but I understand. Your writing is top-notch and you have such a wonderful attitude toward life as clearly seen in these answers. Sexy, fun, positively minded – three words I might choose to describe you! Do you agree or disagree? And what three words would you choose to describe yourself? 🙂

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    1. Hey Davey, I know I have been slacking on reading your blog but trust me I haven’t forgotten. Most things I have been posting have been scheduled.

      Thank you for reading this and describing in such lovely words and I would like to say I agree with you haha 😄

      Three words I could choose to describe myself would be; funny, cause I never like a somber atmosphere so I do all I can to make someone laugh, I am multitalented and smart 🤓 lol

      I will catch up on your blog 😊

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      1. Funny – I love that! As do your readers, I can tell. It’s great that you bring your beautiful sense of humor to your posts. And I do believe you are multi-talented and smart. Would love to see you act. 😉

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      2. haha, I can already tell you would be. 🙂 In your three words, I’m surprised that you don’t mention how erotic you are with your blog being so sexual. It seems to be a part of your personality, isn’t it? Or is that the “playful” part? 😉

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      3. I didn’t mention it because I thought you would know it already cause of this blog but it is a part of me that happens to just manifest itself even without trying. I sometimes feel like I can be intimidating to men sometimes. At work, men always flirt with me, say some cheesy lines and all. I am glad I know how to control myself and all otherwise, I would never be single haha.

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      4. Yeah, having that kind of control is really important, I think. It keeps you strong as a woman – knowing you are beautiful (and you are!! I know it and haven’t even met you yet) and also setting your limits. But don’t you ever feel like you want to try out one or two of the stories you write? 😉

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      5. Thank you Davey 😊 you are having me blushing haha.

        I always want to try out most of the stories I write. Maybe all of them haha. The most thing about me is that I never want to run around trying every one of the things I write with different men. It could be adventurous but I would like to have just one guy, just one that I would try out every freaky thing that comes in my mind, a guy that I would love.
        A lot of people have told me it’s impossible to have just one person in my life, but I never give up or think it’s impossible. I know one day one person will love me and join me on this adventure 😊

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      6. Haha, I didn’t think I could make you blush, sexy blogger. But yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you, Saam!! It’s healthier and better to have one person to do all those things with. I wish for you the kind of romance I write about and the kind of sex you write about. Bring the two together and you’ll have fireworks. Don’t give up, baby. 🙂

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      7. Well you are a romantic man Davey, I blush even when I am reading romantic stories. Besides, having the kind of love you write and the sex I write would make me the happiest woman on earth. And I won’t give up 😊

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