Dripping wet 

There she was, sitting before him admitting to have slept with another man and more, that she had fallen in love with both of them because they provided different things for her. Jake, he was kind gentle and soft. Whereas Kegan was down right hardcore, chains and whips, firm and dominant. She didn’t want him to be soft and all vanilla. She loved him that way. 

She sat there waiting for him to say something. He sipped the wine from the ritzy crystal glass. His sinful lips thinner with anger. His eyes burning with so much fury, his other hand was placed carefully on the armrest of the single sofa, his long leg crossed over the his knee, his suit and tie still perfect with him looking perfect too. 

“Get up” firmly, he said. Obediently, she complied. 

“Take your clothes off” he said before sipping again from his glass of wine. She did as bid and in a few seconds she was there standing before him butt naked.All  bared and waiting for his next demand. 

He got up and went into his walk in closet came out with a thick red rope. Her bloods ran all over her vain, goosebumps spread all over her skin. Kegan was an unpredictable man. Short tempered and  well respected man in Bullet City. 

“Which part of ‘you are mine’ did you not understand Kayla” sternly he asked lighting up a cigarette while his red hurt and angry eyes stared intimidatingly into hers. 

“Stand at the end of the bed” he said directing her to his majestic postal bed and directing her to stand at the centre of it. 

“In case you heard me a bit vaguely, I meant you are all mine. ALL MINE!” His voice thundered through the room, disrupting the homey and cozy atmosphere in his home. Now it was filled with the alpha male wrath and she was suspicious how it was going to end for her. 

“That means no man lay his hand you, no man have the chance to Fuck you, no fucking man takes what’s mine because I told you for that once you submit to me, you will be mine, fully and I would be fully yours.” He came right closer to her and lifted her chin to level her eyes with his, “so tell me which part of ‘you are mine’, did you not understand” he said each word through his throat and gnashed teeth, fury and anger burning and red flames in his eyes, his handsome face suddenly monstrous. 

She didn’t say anything. She had nothing to say. Nothing. She had apologised but she knew that no matter how sorry she was, she hadn’t been sorry enough yet. Kegan didn’t look like he was about to let her walk on two. 

She would be on all four crawling out of his paradise. 

He took the red rope and pulled her hand up to the left post of the bed and tied it tightly there then did the same to the other hand making her stretch out. He grabbed her foot and pull it slightly that she almost lost her balance but held it quick. He tied the rope around her ankle and then tied it around the end of the post. He did the same on the other side. 

She was tied up, open and bare to him. He lit another cigarette and poured another glass of wine, sat on the one seat sofa that was facing the end of bed. Facing her. 

In silence he stared at her while he inhaled and exhaled some smoke from his cigarette. She was squirming and as scary as his eyes were and the anger that pulsated within the room, she was turned on. She was at a state where she was fully submitting herself to be something that he will take his anger out on. 

“I want you to think of what I am going to do to you. Think deep because I am angry Kayla, very furious and trust me I am holding onto dear life, I want to get up from this chair and go beat Jake into oblivion but he is not the only one to blame here. You are to blame too, so I want you to imagine. Imagine what I will do to you” 

She shut her eyes. She had to imagine what Kegan would do to her. The first thing she imagined was his touch, caressing on her skin, squeezing her tits tight and plucking the sensitive and needy nipple. She had to imagine him doing bad things to her but she couldn’t. Kegan fucked her too good to imagine him causing any harm to her. 

She could only imagine his hard big hand slap her ass leaving a fire burning before he collided his hand with her ass again. She wanted him to spank her like she was made of stone, suffer the consequences of her betray. She wanted him to spread her even tighter that her legs would feel like they are about to detach from her body then she wanted him to finger fuck her. Not romantically? No. she wanted him to insert his entire fist inside, fell the potent hand remind her where she belongs. 

As she imagined her pussy began to quiver while her eyes were watching him sip his wine, and smoking his cig. 

Her pussy wanted him to ravish it with his fist, stretch her tight little hole with it, and hasten his entrances, totally have no mercy on her. She wanted him to savagely rub his clitoris till it begged for forgiveness, she wanted him to slap her little kitten until she was red, and then she wanted him to fist her again. Let her cry, feel the pain, feel the pain she had caused him. 

Then she began to feel her pussy become wet, utterly needing his attention because imagining him doing so was already fucking with her brains. And her pussy wasn’t squirming and begging for some kind and gentle Fucking, it wanted to be overtaxed, that by the moment he walked out of his bedroom she would know “Master Kegan was damn angry” and that she belonged to him. 

While her eyes watched him, she imagined him slap her ass. Branding his five fingers on it, etching it deep that it touched at her heart. She wanted him to Fuck her at every way that he could, choke her and make beg to breath, she wanted him to bury that hard thick and lengthy cock inside her. Drive balls deep into her. She wanted him right in her ass, where she would feel more pain as he stretches her, where she will cry even more and where she knows she will satisfy him. She wanted him to then ram into her until she held onto dear-life, she wanted him to drill into her like he was a driller and she was wall. She wanted him smack her as ass so hard and constantly remind her where she Fucking belonged. 

Her pussy was now dropping hot, her body beginning to pulsate with an orgasm from her imagination. She wanted him. She wanted him so badly and not in a good way, no. She wanted him in the worst way, clipping her nipples with clippers, spanking her and using toys larger than life to stretch her small little cunt. She wanted him to savagely Fuck her. Fuck Jake’s image into oblivion. She  wanted him to take her, by her pussy, ravish her mouth until her glands couldn’t move and her jaw feeling disconnected. Take her ass, claim what belonged to him.

She wanted him in her already overtaxed pussy, driving his rigid cock almost so deep it could touch her heart. She wanted him to punish her. Punish her like a dog. Punish her until she asked for forgiveness. She wanted to be unable to move, unable to go back to Jake’s gentle and upholding demeanour. She wanted Kegan to show her that she belonged to him. 

But with all the images in her mind she stifled a little moan as her wet pussy dripped to the floor. Kegan put his glass aside and his cigarette and came close to her. 

“You are clearly imagining the wrong things, Little kitten” he said taking his finger to her dripping pussy and beginning to rub her clit but withdrew before she could fully cum, with his eyes leering onto hers; he brought his fingers to the rim of his mouth and lasciviously inserted them slowly into his mouth, closing his mouth around his fingers making her shit her eyes as she imagined his string big fingers diving into her pussy the way they did into his mouth. She was so close to her orgasm when she felt heat in her cheek after Kegan tapped her to open her eyes. She gazed into her wanton eyes and sucked onto his fingers, licking them, licking all her juices.  

“No matter how hurt I am, I still can’t get enough of you. And trust me I am not letting you go. You are mine.” He said as he shoved his fingers into her oussy ince more coaxing more juices, cum flowing and dribbling onto the floor and down his arm as he brought his fingers to her mouth. 

“Suck” he told her and she sucked kn them. In her mind she was sucking in his manhood. She knew he was erect then and with the way he shut his eyes in enjoyment, she knew he wanted her mouth on that cock. 

“You have disobeyed me Kayla.” His voice was throaty and undertone, his dark angry eyes peering deep into hers, sipping into her soul. Already doing the punishment. “All I have done is treat you with care and love even if you are my submissive. You have deceived my kindness, baby. I will punish you, and after that I will remind you that you are fucking mine” he animalistically growled his last words of promise. “Am I making myself clear?” 

“Yes Kegan” she said. “Good. I can’t touch you tonight. I need to breath and calm down first or else I will hurt you beyond measure and that’s not an act of discipline. So I will let you sleep there and I will deal with you whenever I feel like dealing with you” he said and left the room. 

Leaving her hanging there. Leaving her craving and wanting him so so bad. She wanted him to be angry when he punished her. She wanted to feel all of the wrath bloated inside his heartless being. She wanted him to leave her frail. But she had disappointed him once and she wasn’t doing it again. 

16 thoughts on “Dripping wet 

    1. I have had a hard time understanding BDSM so I read Maya Banks book sweet persuasion and there was some hot dominance. At the same time I have been reading some short text in BDSM and they are quite too dark or rather ridiculous in a way and it baffles me. So I thought I would give it a go and write my own BDSM story in a way that I understand it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think dominant men are different.

        I have read some where they literally belittle a woman and strip her off her dignity, I didn’t like that one.

        Then there was one where a man treated her gently but fucked her like a dark horse at anytime he wanted. That one is enticing.

        Then there is one where they are downright too stern, seeking too much obedience and all… that one I am certain I wouldn’t be able to to.

        Now I am thinking BDSM is a very broad subject and it has different aspects,
        Would I indulge in it? I still don’t know,
        I am certain I wouldn’t do half the things I have found out about BDSM

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I get ya. To me i think when the woman becomes a possession its going too far. But each to their own. For me to dominate the sex to give her intense sexual experiences is where it should be. Its like wanting her and wanting to blow her mind. That i get… But then who says that only the man should dominate all the time? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think the same because a person has to be themselves and making a woman a possession makes it feel like she would be just an object. It degrades her.

        I like your idea of dominating because that me what I think it should be.

        I like power exchange I feel like it’s beneficial in a relationship

        Liked by 1 person

  1. What if Kegan and Jake were the same person so she could have the best of both worlds. Is it possible for her man to have a soft side and a dominant side. I think so. 😉👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s possible that he could be both soft and dominant but the aim of the story is that Jake is more of the vanilla guy whereas Kegan isn’t really vanilla. Even if he tries, it’s not in his persona to be soft.

      It a scene based on my book. I think if you read the whole book, you would understand why he isn’t really soft

      Thank you for commenting

      Liked by 1 person

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