Finger me

With unconditional enthusiasm

You toss me onto the bed 

Grin with endearment 

Your eyes dark and promising as you

Eagerly spread my legs so wide 

Excite my body with your strong touch 

Fingers laced with such passion and earnest loving as they touch me 

I gasp for air 

Your touch takes my breath away 

Curl my toes as you fingers fondle with my pussy 

Spreading me open 

So you can taste me 

Your tongue elicit electric currents in my body 

Feeling build up and tempt to strike from my spine 

Then you lav your tongue across my pussy 

Lose myself to you 

Arch my back pushing my pussy to you 

Needing you more and more 

More please I beg 

Fuck me with your fingers 

While flicking your tongue on my pussy 

Feel them sheathe into me 

Feeling them on every muscle 

Feel me wrap them inside me 

Right where they belong 

You finger me 

Your eyes recording every movement I make 

Your loving striking my body with electric currents 

Then I begin to water

Glazing your fingers with my juices 

Then with one, two more thrust I climax 

Tearing into too many parts 

Tremble and pulsate 

My heart paltipating with so much love 

You don’t stop pummelling your fingers into me 

Take me to the stars where you have built a home for me 

Put me together with your loving hands 

You drive me crazy I tell you, 

Gratified you grin

Lacing your lips with mine

Sharing my taste with me 

Lace my lips with love

I love you, my heart speaks 

109 thoughts on “Finger me

      1. How did you happen upon it? I’m curious. You should submit a story to Masturbation Monday. I just read ‘Giant’ and started to get hard. I will have stop reading your stories or I won’t get any work done today and I’m already late.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks a lot. It does get a bit challenging to write how an orgasm feels like. Because some words become so little to describe how huge it is. Thank you 😘

        And I have been trying to read your blog but your blog doesn’t open up

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Oooooh my Simon..

        I was just having some fun with you..
        with my sexual innuendos and insinuations..

        My my my..
        I guess I went little too far…

        Oops 🙊…

        Im so easily Lead..
        and get so carried away..

        That sometimes I overstepped my boundaries..

        Sorry 😐..
        no offense meant..
        Just some harmless online flirting…

        Liked by 1 person

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