Just let me ride

Just let me ride, spread my pussy just to let you in. Stroke you before i let you in. Then slowly slide you in, feel me clutch and hold you tight, feel me wrap you with my warmth as I hum. Feel yourself sheathe into me, every muscle in my body awakened by you. 

Just let me ride, up and down let my pussy stroke you. Fill me tight as I move gently, let me make love to you. Let me show you where you belong, where you are home. Right inside me, so right deep inside me, gosh, ever so deep I can’t get used to the exhilaration. 

So just let me ride, ride you at ever pace, move up and down, sway my hips around tease you and play with you. Feel you get harder inside me while. Gosh I love this feeling, this feeling of your hard cock buried ever so deep inside. 

Let me ride you bad, daddy. Enjoy the sweet erotic sound of our skin making love, slamming with such ferociousness as I need more of you inside. Let me cover you with all my wetness, feel the ref to you have on me. 

Just let me ride, ride you my dark horse, ride you my lion and let you take me to heaven. 

Oh god just let me ride, I am so in love… so in love with this rhythm, the way we are dancing, twerking my ass on you, my tits fevently dancing up and down, my pussy stroking up and down your shaft. 

So just let me ride, 

Ride you daddy 

Ride you bad. 

26 thoughts on “Just let me ride

  1. Mmmm, you pulled me in deeply with this one. I found myself fantasizing about being under you…feeling the heat and intensity of your desire channeled to where we meet and become one. Your rhythm and gyrations…the echo of your voice…the light of our passion driving us both to heaven! You captured magic with this one sexy girl! 🔥😘

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