Daily post: tempted 
I am new to you 

I sit there 

Clutch my legs tight as I feel a certain wetness and tingling sensation. 

My pussy is quivering and begging, begging you to ravish it but I don’t know you 

So I sit there, rearrange myself constantly almost trying to massage my clit between my legs so that maybe I could stop this temptation, this crave for a complete stranger, you notice but you say nothing 

So I sit tight, tempted to spread my legs open, give tending to the aching crave down between my legs, stroke and massage the swollen squirming clit. 

Although I am just tempted

Tempted to look into your eyes while I feel the comfortability to open myself while you watch, please myself so you can see how tempted I am to have you. 

But that’s just embarrassing, we are in the waiting area and you aren’t the only man, but I am damn I am tempted… 

to touch your dick… caress it with my fingers… stroke it with my hand… while my other hand delve into my pussy.

I hardly ever think at such a nasty way but, damn you look damn smashing, letting you go without hearing my latent desire would feel as though I have just let go of a once in a life time opportunity 

But still, I will sit tight, pretend to fix my bra when I am simply trying to feel how hard you’ve made my nipples become, maybe try to massage them a bit but then I don’t want to seem so nymphomaniac at such a public place 

Although I am tempted, tempted to kneel between your legs, unzip your pants while my eyes leer up at you. Free the turgid and wood hard member, 

In fact… are you hard? Cause I know I am wet… very wet… in fact dripping wet… licking wet…

I am tempted to feel you in my sweet little cunt, driving and drilling me like I am the latest trend, burying your cock inside like it’s a warm cave filled with gold during this winter, winding me up and down, like I am your doll. 

Then when I imagine this I just get wetter… so seriously are you hard? 

Do you want me? 

Are you also tempted? 

Tempted to Fuck this pussy? 

Cause there is a bathroom down there, I will try to be quite although that isn’t a promise, I just want you inside me and that’s all I can think about. 

47 thoughts on “Tempted

    1. To be honest I will say it’s a natural thing to me haha, sometimes I see a hot person and think ‘damn, he is hot’ in that second all the dirty stuff will fill up my mind lol 😊 thanks by the way

      Liked by 1 person

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