The things I wanna do with him (fav pics of the week)

Almost everyone who follows me on my blog knows my biggest dream is to love and be loved. I believe in true love and having a partner with me through my success, his success, his sadness and happiness, my sadness and happiness until it becomes our sadness and happiness and love. 

So these pictures are little fancy things I would like to do with him. This isn’t a dirty one, just comment below if you want me to do the dirty one because it will be dirty and freaky alrightπŸ˜‰. 

I want to have the person I love by my side at all times and mostly spending time in just little clothing at home, watching tv or just talking and cuddling. Some cute things lol. 

Do some cooking together, that’s weird right? lol I never admit this to anyone but I love cooking and trying out recipes. I just never have time but when I do, I literary put my time to cooking the best I could. So doing it with someone I love would be fun. 

Wearing very little clothing at home. If it were according to me we would walk around almost naked because a human body is a form of art and an art that’s worth admiring at all times especially if it’s someone you love. Chilling and just relaxing like this would be my fav thing to do with a guy I like. Mostly I know it would make me more comfortable with him and that would lead to me being comfortable to do almost anything with them. 

Shower together. Gosh I love this. Having some romantic baths and showers is just one of the best things I think. And I would love something like that. 

Travelling together. Seeing the world and creating memories. I just love that, man. I have never really travelled to any place or country. I have never been to wonderful places and all and I would love to do this with the love of my life. 

I can’t wait for a moment like this where I will say ‘yes!’. I believe in true love and almost everyone I know tells me there’s no such thing like true love. Everyone I know always discourage me when they hear me say this, it’s even leading to me thinking maybe I am just stupid or weak. But truth is, i will never stop believing in true love because it is out there. 

Getting cozy and freaky at the pool. There is something sexy about these kind of swimming pools. I don’t know what it is but imagining me and who ever my future partner is in this kind of a pool, it’s a turn on. πŸ™ˆ lol

And of course, we have to fuck nasty and senseless in every angle and every manner and every position. 

25 thoughts on “The things I wanna do with him (fav pics of the week)

  1. These are a lot of beautiful and sexy moments in the days of lovers. I love them all but, as you might imagine, my personal favorite is the last one. I love taking a woman from behind like this…hand on hip, cock buried deep, and my hand around her neck…she feels completely controlled, dominated, and taken which is exactly what she craves.

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    1. Damn Michael you give me such visuals! Now all I have in my mind is the scene you just described and I don’t think I will wash it off my mind any time soon, that’s why I love it when you stop by my blog. I hope you will like the dirty version that I will post soon. Cause right now I am feeling πŸ”₯ and πŸ’¦ all bothered haha

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