Craving you

I have a craving 

I crave you attention

I am craving your taste, 

The way you burst like explosions of life inside my mouth, 

Fill my mouth with the piquant masculine taste, 

At every inch of my mouth I will be glazed by your essence 

The taste that lingers on and on no matter what I eat 

A taste that distastes everything that I eat and becomes the prominent favourable taste I want

Combined with your intoxicating and prepossessing scent 

A reminence of my face slamming against your groin and you pummel your cock in my mouth. 

I have a craving, 

The taste that no sweetness to could compete with 

If you don’t empty it into my mouth, I feel empty 

I feel lifeless as though you are a god of my body 

Until you fill me tight with your manhood then I feel full 

But not full enough 

I am an alien of love and attention 

With the intention to please and be please 

I feed from you 

Your cock 

Your cum 

And your love 

So I have a craving 

Come here daddy, let me rip them jeans open 

I am an empty vessel waiting for you to fill me in tight 

I have a craving Daddy 

I am an alien with a craving for love and affection 

Fucking and sucking 

Licking and tasting 

But today I have a craving Sir 

Provide me life, please.

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