La Seductrice poetry book (get it for free on the 13th to the 15th)

la seductrice cover.png

She is your page turner

Engrossing, awakening every nerve in your body

Enthralling with every word, arousing your brains

Prepossessing, conjuring you latent eroticism


La Seductrice

Willing and nubile

Word by word, she ought to please

To your mercy, she will submit


La Seductrice

A dark angel from heaven

Inviting you into her ecstasy

Sexing you until bliss


La Seductrice

Her freaky brains will leave you erect

Then she will caress you with her titillating words

Lick your enthralled attention

Taste your hunger

Sip from your glass of want

And leave you empty, wanting more.


La Seductrice,

You can’t ever get enough of her.



hey guys, so I have published my first erotic romance poetry book. If possible please share with more people and please review it on amazon/kindle.

Thank you to those who bought it, read it and left a review 😁

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your love and support guys. When I opened this blog I was scared shitless because I had no idea how people would react to this hot brain I have but you guys have bolstered my confidence to write more and more and accept that I have a natural born erotic mind. I am not hiding that part of me anymore.

Giving out this book to you guys is my way of saying thank you, its the best I can do. I hope you don’t miss the offer and read and review or comment or just tell me what you think and I am pretty sure some of the poems will be familiar but I had to combine it into a book and show how much I love writing erotic poems. and if you know any poetry or book reviewers, please let me know.


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