Never letting you go

Daily prompt challenge: Cling
In so many ways you can tell I am yours, 

My body communicates that when you sheathe your manhood ever so deep inside me, 

Taking my breath away as my pussy clenches and clings onto your cock, invigorated by your presence. 

The way my lips would earnestly cling on to yours, seeking to breath the same air as you while you work your manhood in and out of me. 

I like it when you withdraw totally and leave me wanting you more and my body would call, quiver and beg you to possess it once again. 

Then you slide into me, excite me all over again, this time I will cling onto your manhood ever so tighter, never letting you go. 

Let your grace fill me up and glow inside me, put your arms around me and protect me. 

I love the way my body always crave yours, that’s why I will never let you go. 

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