Veil me unseen 

Daily prompt challenge: Unseen

Veil me unseen 

Inside your love I shall live

Hidden from the dangers of the world 

Loving and breathing your love 

Your desire and your power 

Veil me unseen inside ecstasy

Let your touch show me the stars 

Let them brighten you into the only man I see 

Cover my sex with your mouth, send me to the moon 

Let your tongue explore me, know me, love me 

Let me lose myself into you 

So veil me unseen, 

Let me live inside your will

Where I am yours and yours only

Where I am loved and cared for

And where I will experience heaven 

Veil me unseen, 

Inside your love I love 

Outside I will die 

Dead while I walk the Earth 

Empty and hopeless

I live to love you. 

54 thoughts on “Veil me unseen 

  1. This explanation is everything. I dream of a woman who craves my protection but is strong enough to hold her own. Not afraid to show her soft side, I have someone in mind. Are you open to feeling fragile with your partner.

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      1. I already have, she’s my hero. Plus, even though she’s my hero, I still crave in my soul to protect her, I always have and always will. She’s my beautiful petite Woman/Queen. I love her short legs,, that might have been a tmi. Sorry but I do!

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      2. Im gonna ask her to watch a movie with me. I was also gonna ask if she would move to Arizona with me but I don’t want to put too much pressure on her. I’m really hoping she wants to though. I think we both could use a change but I want her to feel totally comfortable with me and my manly ways 1st. Bc I can be a real mess sometimes lol

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      3. A change is good. Maybe she will want to come with you if she is good with change. I know I am not lol but she she if she loves you she might find it interesting to move to Arizona with you.

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      4. You are very encouraging!! I will keep planning and praying. They have lots of colleges for her if she does. I looked them up incase she does want to go. I’m obviously planning with her in mind,, I wonder if she needs a big closet,, hmmmm anyway. Thanks for being encouraging. It means a alot!

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      5. Awww Thank you!! I really enjoyed your but only I wanted more after I finished reading it. But, then again, you told us we would. When will you write another?

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  2. You are a very sweet and passionate soul who loves to love. Whomever manages to win your heart shall be continuously blessed. What other talents do you hide from WP??

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      1. Lana Del Ray sounds really familiar.. Is she your favourite? Well lets see, I like singing anything that makes me feel like singing but I like gospel the most. My soul feels better when I sing gospel.

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      2. She is unique, sensual and has that sense of fragility that I like in a woman. I feel like I can relate with her sometimes, like loving older men, being down to earth and being herself. She feels like someone special. Her voice is wonderful, I listen to her mostly when I am writing, I lose myself to it and find myself living in my head and what ever I will be writing will be the best.

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      3. Something tells me you both have some of the same qualities.. Who does a woman show she’s fragile? What is a fragile woman? It’s truly fascinating you found an Artist who you can connect with and who inspires your creativity.


      4. That she need safety, safety from a man. As much as most women would hate this quality, I find it intriguing because I feel like there is more to it. It’s like if a man don’t hold her in his arms she will crumble on the floor, not in a bad way but in a way that she loves to love a man that is protective of her. It doesn’t mean that she is not strong, she is strong, she knows how to look after herself but it’s that need to be loved

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