I want you

I want you, 

My body is running a marathon, it’s endeavour to deter this affection is failing terrible. Nor do my fingers and the plastic dick do my pussy the courtesy to take away this want. I don’t need anything I need your pistol to possess me and tend to this affection. This affection that tingles at my spine, tremble me form the tip of my toes to the last inch of my hair. 

I want you. 

In ways I don’t know whether are possible or not. Ways that are indelible and possessive. Ways that will leave no route to my pussy for another man. Ways that will leave me branded. Branded yours. 

I want you. 

I become soaking wet when you encounter my mind. Drip and crave, quiver and pulsate. Untameable arousal no matter what I do.

 I want you. 

Everywhere. All over me. Inside me. On every inch of my skin. Get up inside me and pound me into euphoria. Touch me like I am an important work of artthat  belongs to you. 

I want you. 

Drive me, show me all of you, teach me all of your wants, let me tend to your needs. Let me be yours because I want you. 

I want you so bad, I thirst for your attention. 

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