Bonded by strong laces of love, affection and adulation

No fabric or cloth could hinder our intimacy 

Music blasts filling our world, captivating us into its euphoria. Feeling like a femme fatale in a sexy video, I grind. 

My ass above your fully clothed cock, I grind 

Move my ass tight up and down your shaft. Feel the power I have and the power that emits from your body as I grind. 

Grind dry on you that I feel your member hardening and pressing between my butt, your hand gripping on my red lace thong hence I continue to grind. 

Winding and swirling my hips on you while you grind up to me as though your fly will open and let the golden wood enter inside this treasure. 

Dry, we grind. Dancing sex to sex, pussy to dick, rubbing and caressing, aware and wanting. But we are dry, so we grind. 

Dry, I rub my pussy on your dick, stroke up and down with my red lace effaced pussy. Put pressure and pleasure as I ride you dry, daddy. My pussy quivering and yearning for you to enter and leave it overtaxed. Wet and dripping from the lace thing. But I continue to grind. 

Grind my pussy on your jeans, love the prominent hardness of your cock through  your jeans, follow the rhythm of the song as I jerk up and down fast. 

Dry, I ride, wet and dripping hence dry. Thirsty and craving you inside but today we hit it dry. Dry humping till my legs tremble. This is how much your love has affected me. My body melts without having your skin against mine because I am totally yours. So I grind, daddy. 

Grind dry on you. 

18 thoughts on “Dry

  1. I get the dry humping part… And I’m on the verge of figuring out the subliminal message. There is a deeper meaning in everything.


    1. The deeper meaning is the hunger, the want and the presence of love between two people. That’s sense that even with their clothes on, their bodies could climax due to the way two lovers are addicted to each other.

      And yep, there is always a deeper meaning to everything 😊

      Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

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