Open for me

Seeking for an invitation I spread your legs wide, open for me. 

Open babe. Expose your sweet nature, serve me with your beauty. Allow me to bury my head between your legs. Let me love you 

So open for me, spread your pussy open for my tongue, let me taste your sweetness that only you have, savour you. 

Open for me, allow me in, my fingers digging deep into you and tacking your breath away, clench around them, cream and glass them with your wet glory. Please me. 

I want you to open for me, for my tongue, licking in your little cunt, relishing the little sweet kitten, suck on your clit till you beg me to stop but you know you don’t want me to stop, 

As long as you open for me I will kiss you, kiss the lips of your pussy, caress and touch you like you deserve. Follow your command tell me what you like and I will do it. 

Do you want to ride my face? Bury my mouth in the sweet cave? Lick and drink from you while you moan and say my name? 

Whatever you want, when you open for me and serve me with your beauty; I promise I will do it. 

Just open for me. 

23 thoughts on “Open for me

      1. I don’t mean it in a bad way, I mean I didn’t think my poem could be so powerful. It’s really nice to know that the poems I write conjure certain feelings forming readers. And I like that😊

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      1. Maybe if you did a story including the hunger and how it over takes both lovers so much so they result to public love making in private.. If that makes sense, in a place where they really shouldn’t but do anyway, add something unusual and exotic to the poem and or story. Something that will aww readers.. Something..nasty, not disgusting but freaky nasty. I did enjoy the insinuation of face riding. .

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