Glazed, I am a piece of art…


I am a piece of art 

Shaped and made by the hard working and calloused hands of an artist 

Like a ceramic sculpture I should be held with care, painted and glazed by your love and your grace

My body, my worth, gleaming and dripping gold, awaiting and anticipation your graceful manhood, 

Stroked and glazed by my syrup, dripping, chocolate syrup, let me lick it off. 

Like the best cake, I am full 

Filled with a lot of sweetness, dripping syrup and cream, all for you, so you  can taste me. Savour me and gratify me. 

Glaze me by your essence on my dark skin, watch me shine sparkle like gleaming gold. 

Glazed, a glazed by your love and affection. I live to cover you by my love and affection. 

Photo credit: Instagram 

36 thoughts on “Glazed, I am a piece of art…

      1. Lmao, I have acne too and it certainly didn’t come from eating chocolate!. It came from stress all of which contributed from not eating or drinking enough water…

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      2. I am kind of allergic to chocolate 🙁 I eat chocolate, I get acne, I don’t eat it, my skin clears up. But chocolate is life so I continue eating it lol

        I have heard that stress causes acne but like is stressful, can’t really avoid that one.

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      3. It will go away. Mine has started to clear off since I started eating a bit healthy and making sure I hit the gym regularly and drink loads of water and sadly only have triple chocolate cookie just once a week

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      4. I hope so, I feel like Im chasing pimples around my face especially during that special time when mother nature comes for an expected/unwanted visit. . . yay mother nature!!!!!!

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