There is a happiness that blossoms like the flowers every time I see him. Abundant amounts of happiness, overwhelming feelings, needs and wants all clear away the words and I would mumble and bubble like I have trouble speaking. He gets charming, I squirm. Ought to ask some more questions about him, want to tell him how my day was, what I did, my achievements and more. It all becomes too much, too much I can’t control it sometimes. Then I will regret at his departure as I know I couldn’t ask at least a question. Then questions replace the happiness, why does he blink and talk like that. Smile like that, look into my eyes like that, look as good as that? 
Am I crazy? 
Anyway, sorry I have been absent lately, I have auditions and exams and course work and work and loads of many other things lol. But I will try to update as much. 

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