A Lucky Man’s woman

She had sucked him before but never deepthroated him and on that day she ought to. 

So she went into the balcony on the 28th floor of their apartment building butt naked. As she strode into the balcony, he gasped surprised and gratified at the same time. She came before him and knelt on her knees making him put aside his iPad. 

“Someone’s in a good mood” he complimented as her dexterous hands caressed across of his bare legs as he wore some shorts. She grinned leering up at him with a sinister sensual look. She wanted to drive him crazy, she wanted to be the definition of “every woman”. This man treated her like a queen, like she was a unicorn and he ought to put more sparkle on her, worked his ass of for her glamour and nice cars. In return, she wanted to be every woman he wanted for him. 

“Have you have been deep throated, Tristan?” Her sensual tone was thick and sweet like honey. 

He took in a breath as her hand came right close to his cock but she didn’t caress there just yet. She just teased. 

“Just once” He grunted his body already transversing into the nerve wrecking ecstasy. 

“Did you like it?” 

“Which man doesn’t?” He smirked as her hand merticulously grabbed the button of the shorts and unbuttoned it. 

“Well, I want you to love it cause I want to take you ever so deep in my throat. I want you to Fuck my throat till my voice becomes a whisper when I speak. Till my throats becomes branded yours.” She told him as he lifted his ass of the seat and pulled his shorts off. His eyes incoherently looked over at the neighbours next door who were also relaxing at their luxurious balconies. 

They could see everything. 
“People are watching” he said as his eyes met his neighbour’s from across the building at another apartment. 

“Let ’em watch.” She said as her lips came to his legs, kissing and licking; teasing him so he could lose his mind. 

“I want them to wish they were you right now” she whispered as her skilled hands began tending to his swollen sack of balls. She tenderly massaged, played with them in her fingers while she kissed his leg near his manhood. 

“I want them to see what a lucky man you are” she whispered looking and smiling at him. He was gobsmacked. She was a shy, little innocent angel and on that day she wasn’t. She was a lucky man’s woman. 

His manhood began hardening, still soft but pulsing with growth. While she smiled up at him asking “is it bothering you that their watching?”, she was gently grabbing his manhood and stroking tenderly slow. 

“It doesn’t” he grunted as she tightened her grip a little bit. 

“Good, while I suck you I want you to remember that they will all be aroused. Aroused by YOUR woman, a woman they will never have, a woman that belongs to you. Yours. Am I making myself clear?” Despite the sensual authorative talk, the words echoed in his mind exciting and exhilarating every nerve in his body. His woman was a goddess and her body was one to die for and he couldn’t imagine how hard every man would be when they saw her do this. 

Right after her words she opened her mouth for him as he had grown hard and turgid, veined and pulsing. She put him in his mouth and closed her lips over his shaft letting her saliva glaze the bulbous head. She slid him deep into her mouth but not yet in her throat. He rearranged himself on the sun-bed as he saw his male neighbour widen his eyes towards them. Instead, he winked and said “hiya mate” mocking him. That man was shocked and breathless, but not as breathless as he was when she slid him deep into her mouth, her nose touching at her groin, the head of his cock deep into her throat. It felt so good, so marvellous. 

“Baby that’s so damn good” he groaned as she slid her mouth off of his shaft and stroked him gently and it quick but steady. 

“Do you want me to do it again?” She whispered breathy as she lowered her mouth and peppered kisses on his wet shaft. 

“Yes baby, I wanna be deep in your mouth” and that was it, this time she wasn’t gentle. It was just like she had said, she wanted her throat fucked. And that’s how she drove him right to the back of her throat. Avoiding to gag she pulled him out and pummelled his cock in and out of her mouth, spitting on it and massaging him before she slid him in and made him stay in there, fit and thick in her throat. The feeling made her soaking wet but she wanted him to cum inside her mouth. She ought to drive him insane. She ought to remind him, she was HIS and His Only. 

He pummelled himself inside her mouth, bitting hard against her throat. He was loosing it, he was losing his mind. His body giving in to the tsunami of an orgasm that threatened. But he didn’t stop, just like she didn’t stop sucking and slurping none stop. 

Pre-cum began to slide warm down her throat. She slowed down and squeezed his shaft from the base to the tip of it with her hand. Then she stroked while she said “I want you to cum into my mouth, Tristan. I want to get drunk on you” she told him and not giving him time to protest, she slid him in her mouth, taking his balls in too, stretching her mouth along with her throat, fighting her muscles to gag hence letting them close around his shaft propelling a loud and spasmodical eruption. Like a gun, his dick shot hard and strong bullets of cum, hitting at her throat and  all sliding into her. His taste was all-man, masculine and hard just like him. 

Pleasure didn’t only strike in him, knowing that she had just pleased him made her orgasm. It was shock, he hadn’t touch her or tried to make her cum; just from his own dick in her mouth, she trembled. 

If anything, it was the most incredible thing she’d ever went through cause it wasn’t just a minimal orgasm, she was pulsating and trembling as though she had just went through a hard fuck. 

After that she pulled him out of her mouth. That’s when her eyes met with his gratified and satisfied eyes. 

“Damn baby, what did I do to deserve this?” Breathlessly he spoke with a gobsmacked smile on his lips. 

“You simply love me” she told him. 

“Come here” he brought his lips to hers and tasted all of himself all over her mouth. The fact that it was all him in her mouth was rather exciting yet again because she was his woman. He was a lucky man. 

After kissing they both got up and her eyes landed on all of their neighbours watching. All male. She smiled and looked at the one right next to their balcony. 

“Hiya, Nick. How’s your wife doing?” She asked but with how open his mouth was and how he held his glass of a drink so tight, she knew he wasn’t even thinking about his wife. 

“I don’t know” he responded and she laughed 

“Of course you don’t. She is not there sucking your hard cock, is she?” she winked at him while Tristan laughed and got into the house with her. Knowing, he had the woman that every man wished for but they could never get. 

He was a lucky man indeed.

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