‘Love’ and a ‘hardship’

“People often say loving someone is hard. As much as I have never been in love, I have seen people who claim to be in love while they aren’t even in love. Instead, they they are living the ‘hardship’ love which isn’t love at all. It’s a ‘what can I do, I need him’ not ‘I love him’. In my opinion, loving someone should be easy. Once love begins to be a ‘hardship’ it is no longer love. It is in fact, a ‘hardship’ and that love isn’t a hardship that can be solved. Once you start finding it hard to love someone you could never find it easy again. It’s like a glass with a small crack at its opening, you throw it away because you don’t trust it, you think it will cut you. Leave the hardship and look for effortless love because your happiness matters more than anyone else’s happiness.” – Samantha A Ndlovu

From my upcoming non-fic book

18 thoughts on “‘Love’ and a ‘hardship’

    1. To be honest, I think marriage is love when it’s still fresh, later it is a problem. Why? Because you are probably not as active as you were at first. Or something has changed, there are kids, there are houses and stuff that you have done as a pair. Mostly, marriage is kept strong by love. Because sometimes you could fight but still love each other.

      It becomes a hardship when you start to groan exasperatedly when you’re thinking about your partner. You would be no longer feeling the strong love for them because every moment with them you wish to extricate yourself from them. When it is hard to love someone, you would be not loving them anymore instead, you would be pretending. That’s why it is hard. You can never stay in character for ever.

      So in terms of marriage, I think my point would apply to that. You don’t wanna wake up dead tomorrow unhappy and pretending. If anything you would be wasting your time and your partner’s. Age or anything shouldn’t hinder you from searching for your happiness. If you are married and not happy, try to communicate with them, if it’s not changing anything then you will have to realise that every second you are unhappy would be a second you might be finding happiness if you really sought for it.

      I hope I make sense lol


    1. Thank you and what you say is true. It’s better when you get hooked to them
      Because they love you and you love them. Not because they hurt you but you just crave them like a drug. That is unhealthy


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