I am wet

I am wet 

So damn wet 

Arousal tying its knots at my stomach,

My legs weakening, as I imagine, the scene 

The scenario you have painted for me 

If only 

If only I could have you right now, 

Right now inside me drilling me, daddy 

Screwing me, Fucking me 

Hard and merciless 

Spanks, bites and grips 

Fingers digging into my skin 

Fuck, I am wet! 

Exhilarated from the crown to the toe 

If only,

If only I could have you here with

Right here where you and I will fuck all night

Over and over again like we won’t have tomorrow 

Dipping your cock inside me 

Fucking me daddy 

Oh damn I want you 

Damn I am so wet 

Dammit my pussy is all quivering and begging, dripping and pulsing, 

As you fuck me so hard, in my mind. 

Here with me, where your face is my throne, my mouth is your treasure cave, 

Your dick made of gold, glamourising and turning me inside out. 

Fuck, I am wet 

I am wet, I am wet, I am wet 

If only 

If only you could see this 

See this wetness you have caused

If only you could fill my pussy 

Daddy, I will grasp you tight. Show you how much I have wanted you. 

22 thoughts on “I am wet

  1. Your featured image is so damn delicious and perfect for this writing! My face is your throne and I’m so wanting you to take a seat as I reach hungrily and deeply into your cave…savoring your sweet nectar, mmmm! Meanwhile, Daddy’s golden cock drips heavily with arousal awaits your devotion and worship…

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