Dear best friend…

I want to lay you down, be sinful and dirty with you, 

I want to let you do what you want with me but mostly, I want you to know my latent desires. 

Every time you strip your clothes off innocently in front of me because we are both girls, you have no idea how turned on I would be. 

My pussy would be quivering and my clit would be pulsing with such need. 

So now listen – I want you to give yourself up to me. Let me tie your hands up over your head, spread your legs wide open so I can  tie each ankle at the end of the bed. 

Stretch you wide open for me. Shower my eyes with the definition of true beauty. Then I will kiss your little cute pussy, caress it and tease it with my tongue. 

I want to sheathe my fingers into your warm pussy, feel your muscles clench around my fingers as they possess you. Give yourself up for me babe. 

Let me lick you up and down and devour your sweet little kitten, suck in your clit while I Fuck you with my fingers. Cream around my fingers as I do so. 

Let me run my tongue down your slit babe, taste every part of you, live and breath you. Fuck you with my tongue while you moan my name babe. Feel me snake in and out of you baby, let me savour you, sweetheart. 

I want to Fuck you with my mouth, my hands and my toys. I want to play with you like you are my doll. Give yourself up for me and let me love you. 

Let me show you how special you are. 

Someone said rihanna looks so much like me in this lol and I have a question… maybe for men mostly but women too. What are blow job lips? Someone told me I have blowjob lips and I couldn’t understand what that really meant. 

33 thoughts on “Dear best friend…

      1. lol yeah 😊 it’s weird cause it’s now hard to look at that person cause they didn’t tell me face to face but their friend told me. And it’s kind of uncomfortable to be around them knowing they are looking at me like that. I might be an erotic romance writer but I don’t feel comfortable with being viewed or objectified to such acts by someone I barely have a relationship with.

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  1. People use to tell me that when I was growing up…. I’m assuming it’s big full juicy lips. Dick sucking lips are also pussy eating lips. Excuse my vulgarity. Hey…. totally off topic, have you ever used lemon juice and sugar to exfoliate your lips?

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      1. I used both and the normal peeling with the changes in season was bothering me. But now, the skin came off in two places not entirely.. Any suggestions??

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      2. I don’t know, I normally exfoliate and use the original vaseline on them when I go to bed and I am a lipstick and lipgloss obsessed girl so during the day I always have my lips moisturised

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      3. I use Chapstick no lip gloss and certainly no lip stick for me! I hope this CarMex helps bc it looks silly. Thanks anyway!! And great post by the way… Are the best friends in love or is this just about the sex. My fav line “cute little …” 😯

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