In denial and in love 

Carly was a good girl. In fact, mama’s good girl, raised by a strong opinioned single mother who was a church goer and always voicing her opinion about homosexuality. She despised such people and that led to Carly being in denial. 

But she couldn’t anymore, not when her pussy clenched so tight every time her room mate walked into the room with her curvy body and blond hair. She was deadly in love with her. With the way she moved, the way she talked and the way she laughed her throaty laughter throwing her head back with clapping her small little hands. Damn she was in love.  

“So Molly, have you ever hit it with a girl” they were both on their small beds, looking up at the ceiling while they spoke about love and dating. 

Molly laughed and said “no, have you?” She glanced over at Carly. 

“No but I want to” she said, dreamy. 

“Tell me your fantasy” 

“I will freak you out” Carly chuckled pulling up the blankets and facing Molly’s side. 

“Trust me you won’t and I won’t tell you anyone. What happens here is our secret” Molly told her making them both laugh with how sinful the atmosphere had suddenly become. 

“I wish to kiss you, taste you in my mouth, your tongue against mine. I want to spread your legs so wide for me. Suck on that clit with my mouth. The image of me doing that is just making me so horny, my pants are dripping wet” she grinned feeling a little bit mortified. She was still indenial about her desires. They somehow scared her. 

“Would you put them into action with me” Molly broke the silence pushing away the blankets and revealing her naked legs. 

“Are you sure?” She couldn’t believe this was actually about to happen and she had to be sure first. 

“We are in uni, Carly. We should do this shit” Molly said getting up and pulling out a purple thick dildo from her drawer. “You have no idea how much I have fantasied about you fucking me Carly and knowing you have the same fantasy is making me wet.” Molly strode to Carly’s bed and pulled away the sheets, her lips hastily locking with Carly’s. 

They kissed, the tongue battle leaving them breathless. Carly opened her legs to let Molly in. Molly sat aside the dildo and used her hand to rub Carly’s pussy. 

As her fingers touched her freshly shaven pussy, she gasped in some air. How long had she anticipated that touch, the touch of being owned by a woman, a woman with the same desires as her. The woman she loved. That feeling stroke a thunder inside her, conjuring a side of her that she thought was just an alter ego. 

She grind her  hips in circles oppositing Molly’s fingers. Then she dived them deep inside, she moaned. 

“Damn Baby you are all wet for me” Molly whispers against her lips. The two fingers stretched her, she had not really inserted two into her pussy before due to the small incessant feelings.

But it felt painfully good.

 Molly pummelled them in and out of her pussy while her lips laced with hers. Sucking on each other’s tongues.

 Molly was gifted, the way she had finger fucked her pussy so ravenously made her reach her first wave really quick. She shook and trembled the orgasm so huge than what she had went through before. 

“You are so excited. You didn’t even take time creaming my fingers” Molly’s voice and tone were intoxicating. It made her all horny even after a small wave of climaxing. 

“Well I have been looking forward to this for a long time” she whispered dreamily watching Molly suck on the fingers while humming. 

“That’s so sexy” she whispered before Molly pushed the two fingers into Carly’s mouth. Looking up at her Carly sucked on them now fully aware she was having sex with Molly. Nothing could hinder this moment. 

Not the thought of her mother’s loathe towards genders.

“I want to eat you up” she whispered making Molly giggle laying on her back on top of her bed. The sight, the view of how open Molly was for her. The way her legs spread wide like she had no bones all for her. The way she was wet all for her. Every single thing that Molly exposed to her at that second made her heart sink. She loved her. Loved her too much, it was hurting. 

With a smile she went down to her stomach and… 

to be continued…

28 thoughts on “In denial and in love 

      1. My muscles fatigued so I had to leave but I went again yesterday and it was pretty awesome. I felt accomplished when I finished!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks yesterday was sp awesome because I saw the first morsel of change in my body. Like, I was able to do a plank, and I need to increase the weight amount I’m lifting and/or do more sets. The only muscles that are sore today is my calf muscles! I’m excited and stronger than I thought I was. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I weighed in today, and turns out I gained 1 pound. Its from lifting weights.. Im kinda sad bc my lady thinks I don’t love her or care about her. But she doesn’t understand I’m sick of having to take to WP to talk to her.. I don’t know what to do bc she wont tell me her feelings face to face it’s always WP.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah maybe it’s from weights.

        Your lady shouldn’t feel like that. Sometimes it’s hard to communicate face to face but try asking her to talk to you face to face. You don’t bite and that would even draw more chemistry between the two of you.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Im asking her and waiting for a response. You are right she should feel that way but When I told her I loved her everyday and the time it seems like she got tired of it and thought I was sappy or something Idk. I love her soo much, please god tell her and show her I love her!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. But I’ve given her since 2014, and more recently almost 6 months with her tracking me for her peace of mind. My god, I deserve something a hello, a hug, a smile, maybe some laughter.. I promised her to but fresh nice and clean. Even though I like to get dirty.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I can’t other than WP, I hope my baby knows I love her and can’t wait for her company. I really miss her. I wonder what she smells like. That’s weird, I know. I hope she see’s this.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. My lady is such a sweetheart!☺ I love her soft center even though she’s tough on the outside. I want to give her clean, hugs and kisses.

        Liked by 1 person

      9. I thought I replied to your comment. But I was going to say perhaps freedom to love the way one chooses without special monitoring will solve the issue. I just feel when someone is free to love and express themselves, they wont shut down unlike someone who’s constantly being monitored all the time. I want to be free to express how I feel and express loving actions without the weight of restrictions.

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