The cliche quote ‘there is something about you’ is as simple as 

But honest truth, there is something about you. Something I can resist. 

Knocking me weak, tying sensual knots at the pit of my stomach, 

enthralling every nerve in my body, 

The way your lips move when you speak, how they coat every word with such erotic laces. The way your eyes look into mine, sometimes darker, sometimes brighter 

How can I resist? 

The way your body move, such grace and potency. You allure every sinful thought I never thought I had. You make me envision you naked in front of me erect, dropping and throbbing for me. 

Seriously how can I resist? 

Only a fool would, especially when you thread your fingers in my head, drive you cock into my mouth possessively, slurping and savouring you 

How can I resist this wetness? 

When I have you in my hand, pleasing you and tending to your needs. Handsome and all man, strong and all mine 

How can i resist? 

Having to worship you at such glory, having to be the woman you have chosen, having to be yours and yours no matter what? 

So how can you resist the urge… 

the urge to cum in my mouth while you pummel yourself in my mouth because you know I am yours and your essence belongs inside me. 

How can you resist? 

Squirting inside me when I am a globe of life and you are watering me with life. 

That’s why I just can’t resist you. 

14 thoughts on “Resist 

      1. There is a reason. I feel confident when I write erotica but I don’t want it to affect my future writing plans. Some people might view it as a porn star in a way and that might affect my future relationship and career. I am also a person who ought to find love, with such vivid writing men could come into my life for one thing and that is just a quarter of me.
        I express myself through writing and therefore, I don’t want to limit my brains to one genre. I want to express myself in every form of art possible and every form of genre possible.

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