You are mine!

Do you get the gist? The fact that no matter what I have you spell bound? Prepossessed, intoxicated.  Mine. 

Intoxicated by my love for you were like the clouds, impossible to touch and yet I did. I touched every inch of your skin with my fingers, my tongue, my skin. I romanced you, loved you and damn well fucked you. So do you get what going on here? 

You’re mine! 

Lucid and clearly, eloquently you know with with the way you are intoxicated by my scent, the way my wierd accent has you laughing and feeling horny at the same time. How I call your name like it’s a work of art. 

You know damn well you are mine!

Because no woman is like me. No woman feels good like me. No woman wraps you up warm and good, good. No woman tolerates you like I do. I am the woman that you love and that is crazy about you, allows you to have your crazy ways with, explorative and damn sexy 

Yeah that’s right, boy you’re mine!

That’s why you fit perfectly inside me, my ass too. We are the erotic Bonnie and Clyde. Toxic to each other, dangerous and insane, us against the world, all or nothing, as crazy as Fuck 

Damn I am all yours!

The way you kiss me so good, so rough, so hot, sexy and ecstatic. I would be an emotionless fool if I didn’t know. Know that I am yours 

That’s how I know you’re mine 

Because you make me feel damn good, damn sexy, make me laugh my lungs out, hold me tight, hug me, protect me and sleep with me in your arms 

I know damn well I am entirely yours. 

The way seeing you completes my life, the way I smile just thinking about you, how you are always in my mind without technically thinking about you. 

I know you know you are mine and you know I know you are mine and we know the world knows you are mine and I am yours. 

7 thoughts on “You are mine!

  1. Hey! I’m reading some of your posts, and just curious (maybe I didn’t recognize it or find it), but do you ever write about actual personal experience or is it more imagination oriented? Your poems are just so interesting, and I would love to read actual anecdotes too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t ever write about personal experiences and maybe in the future I will write something factual and I plan to cause I like it when I read some people’s factual scenes. That said, my imagination is quite vast and it keeps me passionate and inspired by what I would like to indulge in.

      I am glad you find my poems interesting and yep one day I will post an actual anecdote 😊

      Thank you for stopping by Wiz (is it okay to call you Wiz?) 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoa!!! Just a little bit Possessive aye? No Ownership, they are each others without ownership, willingly. Like they own each other but don’t. Does this sound crazy?

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