She is still

Unmoving as if dead

Her face contains no emotion

Her smile is a lie

Her eyes projects a lie

Her mouth deposits a lie

She always lies
She is spread all over 

Pulled apart 

In quarters

They make her do this

Tell her to do that

No thanks whatsoever 
She is made of stone
Carved structureless 

Born with no heart 

Nothing that bleeds

Always tossed about, 

Easily forgotten

Remembered when needed

Easily unappreciated 

She is a stone 

Pointless existence.
She is made of metal

She dreams to be glazed with gold 

The struggle melts all of her steel

She is close 

So close to breaking 
She will jump 

Because no one listens

No one cares

As long as she will lie

Paste that plastic smile 

Everything’s fine 
She’s told she needs to do more

It’s not good enough

Nothing is good enough

She is the ground

Everything is buried under that body

The eyes of the people that despise her

All her emotions are unknown

She is an angel 

Makes people happy

While being obedient 


Cries without tears 

Never cries in almost a full year

Her heart cries for 365 days

She wishes to say everything

But no one will listen

Her words will be projected otherwise

Means of stress relief

Would be means of stress increase

Yet you won’t know
She is made of stone

A stone doesn’t cry.

She doesn’t speak up

She can’t speak up

She doesn’t care anymore

Which leads to her being stoic
A decision is made

She don’t need her thanks

She will be glazed with gold

Gleam like a diamond

It’s part of life

It will pass

But would it 

Hence the decision’s made

She will remain stoic.

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