Daily prompt challenge: Lovingly

Your mouth hungrily cover, 

My wetness, legs spread, your fingers my kitten pleaser

Your tongue, my heaven provider 

My tongue, the reason you’re harder 

Your taste, your love; flies me higher 

To another level of ecstasy, no one can decipher 

Only you know the route, my pacifier 

Pacify your love to me, see me glow brighter 

Your presence, the emplifier 

Of the eloquence of lust and insanity, in which I flounder 

In the pool of your essence, blessedly I am a survivor. 

Lovingly, I drown in your love for I know I am the founder of this burning desire in you. 

31 thoughts on “Pleaser…

  1. Oh my goodness, sexy girl! 🔥You completely nailed something I have been thinking about recently. I’ve often wondered how a woman so full of passion and love would describe sucking…worshiping her man’s cock. How it fuels her passion and satisfies her on a deeper level–her soul–to please him and engulf his creamy essence. This is exactly what I thinking about in how Yumi felt. Of course, her English is limited and she could never summon such magical words. You certainly did and I love this💖

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    1. I am glad I tapped into something you have been thinking about Sir Michael. It all comes from a craving to please a man and that passion is the vehicle of everything. I think Yumi and I have certain similarities and one day her English will be good and she will be telling you all about how she feels. Nothing is as sexy as a woman who speaks up and voices her desires. Despite hey English, she certainly does tell you how you drive her crazy 😄

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      1. The “crazy” comment, haha! She does seem to know how to use that word well. It has become my temperature gauge for her☺️Wonderfully exciting post…thanks for giving voice to what sexy and erotic women feel in this moment🍆💦

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