Daily prompt challenge: Tremble

In my presence, he is as hard as stone 

Probing out, unhinged and driven 

Glowing with such grace and dark desires

The potency looming in the air, a promise of an apocalyptic climax 

Unleash your beast, and let him ravage me, 

Tear me apart, 

Flip and toss me

leave me lost for words 

Hold me tight while he sheathes into me with his beastly traits 

Have these pretty eyes rolling 

These little toes curling 

This dexterous fingers fisting 

My voice disappearing with my breath 

My brains labelled your name, 

A mark that I am yours

Damn the potency of your beast, he posses every speck of me, 

Fitting in ever orifice of my body 

Unleash him – the beast 

let me lick him dry as he salivates to enter inside my heat. 

Dangerous and hard, I tremble at the sight of him. 

Unleash your beast, let him fill every hole and complete me. 

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