In transformation 

It all started when I opened my eyes and realised I had lost myself Into the dark and ashy smoke I was 

My heart bloated with an abundant amount of pain 

My head pounding 

Pounding all of my sorrows and failures 

Pounding me into a new person 

I was slowly and slowly transforming 
Positive expectations 

Leads to aching disappointments 

Accepting and moving on 

May lead to even more pain 

Little did I know, it was all part of my transformation 
Then I shut my eyes 

My body trembling cold 

Waited for an answer 

I needed a reason 

A reason to keep going

Then I befriended a paper and a pen 

Connected my heart and my brains into one 

Then that’s  when I began transforming
Even today I ask myself who is this 

Because I was unbeknown of this person 

Do I like this person that I am 

Hence with the smile I have on my face 

Little to no tears 

I am certain, I am happy with this person that I am
With each page written 

The more I transform into a different person 

My transformation is still on going.

That is me in the picture, I bet you could tell though haha. I wrote this poem the time I started to realise I had learnt to love and accept myself and it all started with writing. Writing has always made me smile, no matter what. 

15 thoughts on “In transformation 

  1. Writing is the best thing ever! And I’m glad you’ve learnt to love and accept yourself because no one can; but you. Btw I was surprised when I saw your picture so I had to read this asap😅 lovely poem and quote

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