Smiles and laughterJokes and tales

History and present

Hold hands and pray

Love and forget 

The past is the past

Read my lips and tell a story

Love me for I will be coerced to love you
Hate and betrayal

Sweets and candies

Christmas and trees

Presents and stones

Jealousy and pain

Happiness is the opposite of this family

Trust should be born in the family

Love should be taught in the family 
Praise and rejoice

Worship and congratulations 

Happiness and love

Homes and roofs 

Food and warmth

Family should be your first shoulder to cry on

Your ride or die

Your heaven on earth 

Your peace in the boisterous world

Your silence in the loudest cries

Family should be your universe
Tears and joy

Holding and hands

Touching and hugging

Passion and love

Looking and seeing

Showing and pointing

You should do everything together 

Support and motivate each other 

Advice each other. 


All I see is family riding fire to defeat their other one

Breathing and screaming fire 

Burning oil and pouring it all over your dreams

Skinning you alive because of your intelligence and luck 

Who said you will all be the same 

A fool called no one

So don’t fool yourself.

You are my family. 

If you have ever wondered, my last name means an elephant 😉

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