Who do I want for Valentine’s Day? 

All of my friends know this person, all of my teachers know how much every course work I have done is based on him, my family begs me to shut the fuck about about him, he is the reason I first loved acting, the reason I am such a weird girl that likes mimicking him, I just love Johnny Depp. 

The first time I knew I wanted to be an actress was when I saw his performance on pirates of the Caribbean since then I asked my mom to make me small so that I can fit in the back of the tv (them old ones). I didn’t even know who he was and I practiced his walk and tried speaking like him even if I didn’t know English at that time. I would improvise and speak Zulu but adapting his tone and that hazy body image. If I am being honest, I know I had fell in love with Johnny right that time. 

Until today. Since high school any homework or course work where I had the freedom to do it based on any one from inspiration to career choices and more, I have always done it on Johnny, I guess that’s why I am an A student! 

So here is the man I would like to have for my valentine. 

Young Johnny looked damn fucking HOT!!! Cry baby is one of my favourite films of all time! Watched about ten times. I am obsessed. 

How can anyone not want this for valentines though? 

Can you believe I fell in love with this Johnny Depp? Defines how crazy I am.

Honestly, how can one individual look this perfect? 

His shy cute smile. This is from Benny and Joon. My all time fav. I like all of his films anyway haha.

It’s like he is saying, “that round ass, god damn those huge tits, those kissable voluptuous and lush thick lips; damn I just love that girl” who agrees with me?

Yeah I want this kiss on val. 

I would laugh hard everytime he says this 😂 

His recent picture. How the fuck is he this hot while he is dressed in what looks like rugs lol. 

Anyway. I have shared what I would like for valentines… what would you like? 

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