Looking for love

come in and speak 

I am hoping you can hear me 

I tell you my name 

You don’t even react 

I sing to you 

Can you hear me?

The lyrics 

Are sweet and mine 

Do you understand this ?

That I am looking for your attention?

I write,

can you read me?

The tale of my sorrow 

The novel of my passion 

The memoir of my desires 

The poetry of my love 

I laugh 

Can you join me? 

It’s all combined in one tin 

Sadness and happiness 


In one laugh 

As if it will solve me 

I am looking for love 
In all the darkest places

Dirtiest places 

Loveless places 

I am looking for life 
Where there is only death 

No water no air 

Suffocation is the key 

I am looking for you
Though you are standing beside me 

Gone is your spirit

The one that I loathe 

I am looking for fame 
Talented yet neglected 

I write to tell you 

The horror in my mind 

I am just a kid 
Floating on the surface of the ocean 

Fearless of the potency of water 

Looking forward to singing with the Dolphins 

I am looking for love 
Where there is no love 

Where it’s lust and sex

Resulting in silence and self hate 

I am looking for love 
For I don’t have love myself 

I have looked for it 

I can’t find it 

But you find it in me.

32 thoughts on “Looking for love

  1. Lovely.
    Many of us are on that journey.

    Some of us have a significant other but the love and passion are long gone.

    Some of us are single and stumble on those who take us for granted…use us.

    Some of us are simply searching…
    Perhaps we too are searching in the wrong places.

    Who knows how long we will have to keep searching. But there is still hope. We hang on to what ever hope we can so we can keep searching… For we have much love to give but no one to appreciate it.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for. ☺ 🌷

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  2. It seems amazing to me that you can tap into this creative space and write from this point of view. You are the opposite of what I read here…except for the last line–“But you find it (love) in me.” You see love in special places and know what you crave. The lust and passion you so often and brilliantly write about is surrounded with love…love drives your passion. 🌹

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    1. Thanks Michael, I am glad you understand me this way. In which I Dj agree with you, everything I write is driven by love and passion but sometimes there is this incessant feeling that it could look naked of love and passion and therefore anyone could take advantage of it and objectify me when it comes to love and that would result in a heart break. Although knowing that you understand that my writing isn’t just, it’s soothing and keeps me happy and hopeful.

      Thank you Michael, you always have a way of making me feel good haha

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      1. That’s Michael for you…

        Always equipped with the right words and phrases to put a smile on your face..
        And able to look into your very soul and summarize your best features showing you the best of you…
        And you nod.. and you smile..
        Knowing this is exactly you ..
        as is..!!!

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      2. No one..

        And how lucky πŸ€ we are to cross paths with him…
        So we can enjoy him through his stories and his welcome and encouraging comments..

        And you being so sexual and full of passionate desires..
        You can enjoy 😊 his indirect attentions.. and his juicy hottt and stimulating words…

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      3. That is one of the pitfalls with the kind of writing we do. Someone can come in a take a single post and draw false conclusions without understanding the larger context of your journey and exploration. That said, if someone really reads your writing, it seems that even in your naughtiest moments the acts are part of a woman who adores her man and would do anything to please and be pleased by him. If a someone objects to that, they are just passionless buttheads, ha!😘

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      4. My goodness Michael, you always find a way to make my day. Knowing that you understand the root of my writing motivates me to write more because I feel understood and appreciated for what and who I really am. You have no idea how much this comment eases a lot of my worries concerning my writing, so thank you for that Sir Michael. 😊

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    2. Oooooh Michael…
      love you 😘 ..
      how so very sweet..

      And that exactly how sam is..
      “Love drives her passion “..

      You can sense it in her very erotic and highly sensual blogs..

      She writes with Deep and intense passion.. which as you pointed out.. must be associated with love ❀️….

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