When you kiss me 

It’s never a wasted second in your presence 

As each second disappears before I savour it, 

Savour it the way you kiss my lips, 

Taste them with your tongue 

Leave ’em all swelled up with your passion 

Time never roams around the way your hands do all over my body, 

as your lips entwine with mine, 

The creation of love enfolded

Unconscious minds conscious and aware of its presence 

Enthralled by the feel of your lips on mine 

Gliding with indelible coitus 

Nurtured in the realm of your undivided adulation 

My doting heart plummeting onto your palms of glory 

Where I am treasured, 

Our ardour the only living thing we live for.


Time never waits, 

Just like I don’t wait for your lips to touch mine 

They do even without any physicality 

My lips pulse with a frenzy to be up against yours

Tangled in a war of love and lust 

Affection and desire 

To rip my clothes and 

Kiss every inch of skin


Delirious with each other 

Toxic and intoxicating to each other

Delicious piquancy 

Delicate Lips

My taste is yours, 

Yours is mine 

Grafted into a golden throne  occupied by you and I and our love. 


Time is our enemy at such moments 

 Moments I want to live through forever.

If life was a patten 

A routine and I had to choose 

I would choose this 

You lips against mine 

Your tongue the vehicle of mine 

Dominantly tasting and taking full control of me

Let me be weak as you provide me strength 

Breathless as I breath you

Live to love you

As Your love’s giving me reasons to live 


Your lips are my drug
I am an addict, I don’t need help 

Shall the sun come and go but your lips never astray from mine 

The heavens break and fall but your lips laced with mine 

The world crumble and die 

But our love living timelessly 

With your lips kissing my heart.

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