The lucky man’s Valentine’s day

He worked hard daily. He would come home extremely knackered and she would not even know what to do. It stripped away their togetherness, their communication and time together as he would come home at 8pm have dinner in bed already because he would be over the top knackered. 

Their love making had fluctuated to maybe once a week, both vigorous beings had suddenly become the most sexually sad people. How had that happen? It was a long story of moving in together and trying to put a roof over their heads. 

So it was on the 14 th of February, the day were the eloquence of love is explored that even if they expressed their love for each other daily, in that day they had to say it like it was a rarity; an expensive beauty that they can’t get enough of. 

Unfortunately, he was working but fortunate enough he was finishing work early. He arrived home and found the house absolutely empty, or at least that’s what he thought. 

Thinking that she was out shopping, he took the stairs to his bedroom and found her sat on the bed. She looked famishing, the red lace body suit brightened her skin, her blond hair was down in curls, her beauty was just extremely astounding. 

“Happy Valentine’s babe” he said grinning from ear to ear as she strolled towards him. 

Despite being in his muddy builder’s uniform, Jennet threw her hands around his neck and kissed him. Lips locked and laced with unconditional love that erupted volcanically inside both’s bodies, eliciting higher levels of their fire. 

“Happy Val, handsome” she greeted with a smile. 

“You are so sexy ” he bit on his bottom lip his hands caressing his wife’s lithe but fit figure. 

“I want to spend more time with you today. I want you to rest and then Fuck me all night. So first of all, I have prepared a bath for you” she said pulling his hand into the bath. She had ran a bubble bath and added some fresh scented candles, some wine and some red rose petals on the bubbles and on the floor. 

“This looks amazing” he complimented kissing her lips before he stripped off his clothes. He got into the bath and she sat on  the closed toilet chamber. They conversated until his water was cold. The bathroom was boisterous with mirthful laugher while he relaxed and rested in his bath. 

For the first time in a long time they fell in love all over again. They hadn’t had the longest conversation in a long time, the constant coquettish teasing and the hot  compliments. Mostly it was how she just sat there and watched him bath while they spoke. Normally they would have a bath together but there was something aesthetically pleasing about the way she had not joined him. 

After his bath, she had prepared some scented oils to give him a full body massage, to relax every part of him. To make him feel at home and after that she had cooked his favourite meal and prepared Wanted their all time favourite film. They weren’t the notebook type. 

He laid on the space and she played some soft music at the back ground. They continued with their conversation while she began working on his chest first. Just her hands gliding on his body, massaging and relaxing every muscle. 

His stiff arm muscles relaxed as her fingers massaged him. She turned him around and worked on his back. She was not a professional but she had tried to learn what Korey loved the most. 

She turned him over again, fully aware of his hard on but both continuing with their conversation catching up and making holiday plans while he also complemented her dexterity.   

Then she began gliding her hands between his thighs, adding more oil and massaging around his groin, fully ignoring his cock. This time the conversation had morphed into some hums and pleading moans. She massaged around the crotch but never touching him. She was taking her time too. 

She leaned down and kissed from his torso, her lips lingered on his skin, moved gracefully slow expressing her passion for him. Then he shuddered when she finally grasped the hungry cock. She stroked it gently slow while she kissed around his crotch area, kissing his balls and his inner thigh while she continued stroking gently. 

There were no words said, just the body talking. She brought her kisses to his cock. Kissed from the base coming up to the bulbous tip where she then enveloped it into the warmth of her mouth. 

She didn’t everything slowly and romantically, she teased with her tongue and then pulled away and went back to massaging his thighs while she caressed her lips against the shaft, her breath warm against his shaft. He would cum just from that. 

She licked his shaft from the bottom to the top, slowly and sophisticatedly. He grunted loving the torment. Then she grasped it and drove it onto her mouth. Her lips were tight around his girth, sliding down his shaft the head hitting at her throat before she even reach the base of it. But that didn’t hinder her, she drove him deeper. Deeper into her mouth, down to her throat and fought her gag reflexes. 

She kept him there for desirable seconds then withdrew and spat on it, drizzling her saliva like she was dressing it with a sweet sauce. Then she took him into her mouth yet again, used her hand to stroke him up and down while her tongue licked and flicked circles and mixed movements on the head. 

Pre-cum pleased her taste buds and she knew he wasn’t far off but she wasn’t into Fucking him with her mouth. She ought to make love to him, with her mouth. So she sucked on him. Not too fast and not too slow but just good enough to drive him crazy. She salivated as her pussy quivered seeking attention. 

But she paid all her attention to him, massaged his balls with her oiled up fingers making the slide through her grip as she sort of squeezed them and played with them while her mouth pleasures him. 

He was becoming harder and harder, turgid and begging to cum. 

“I want you to cum into my mouth Korey” she told him as she covered his shaft with her mouth and stroked him up and down fast this time while her other hand worked his set of balls. 

He lost control and gave into her romance, his pistol shot bullets of love inside her mouth and she swallowed it all, his body had never felt so alive the way it had at that time. 

She hadn’t bought him anything, she had simply provided something he didn’t think he needed. Quality time, his favourite meal relaxed with her in his arms, watching a film together followed by an all night Fuck filled with a myriad of love making. 

He was a lucky man and lucky to have a woman who knew what he needed before he even knew he needed it. 

“I love you Jennet” they had come from their fourth or fifth ecstasy at five in the morning. 

“I will always love you more Korey” she said kissing him and folding into his arms. 

Happy Valentine’s everyone! 

23 thoughts on “The lucky man’s Valentine’s day

  1. Wow, I am so aroused right now! Sexy Samantha this was an absolute delight to read! Where to start? The scene where you describe how she is teasing…then touching, stroking, licking, and sucking his cock completely transported me, mmmm! That sounds like perfection and he is a lucky man. There is something even more striking in this though. So much erotica from women focuses on what the man does to the woman. You flip the script with this one. Her pleasure is derived from the pleasure she gives her man. Your examples of her being dressed sexy, having his favorite meal, preparing a bath for him, and then completely satisfying him are so incredible! A woman like this would make a man feel very lucky indeed 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michael I love seeing that you have been reading my work! It’s makes me feel… too good. Especially knowing my post aroused you. That’s a visual you are setting there sexy man.

      Most women have the concept that a man has to be the one that puts in work, make love to them, buy them stuff they like, take them out and more. The way my grandmother taught me, was that it’s a woman’s job to keep her man pleased. Happy. And that’s if he provides the same for me. That’s the gist of the entire ‘lucky man’ series that I am working on.

      I am glad you loved this and that you understood it at such a length. And thanks for stopping by Sir Michael 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It all does create a wonderful circle of pleasure where each is eager to return the pleasure and finds genuine pleasure in pleasing the other. You are going to make someone a lucky man💖

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mmmm…!!!
    Really a romantic scenario..
    Full of passion and stimulation…

    You set the mood so good 😊.. and gives him some exciting anticipation….

    Great way to end a Valentine’s night..
    And sealed 🤐 it with love ❤️…


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