She is a mute 

Slit her mouth with a razor 

Perhaps she will speak.


Silence is louder than the volume of her voice
It’s buried underneath the weight of fear

The fear of pain

Pain from your ridiculing laughter 

Your ignorance 

And your 

False affability.


She is everywhere but nowhere 
Alienated by her uniqueness 

Isolated by you her fellow human beings  

She is a ghost

An alien

A mutant 

A flaneur 

And a probable existence 


She is imprisoned

For a crime-less crime 

Sentenced to life 

The Unbreakable bars are her brain

The putrid cold floor is her anxiety 

The suffocating room is the world

The coldness of the room is your humanity.


If your false affability, your lies and pretence were money

She would be a zillionaire 

Hence wealth and money come with an abundant amount of loneliness and stress


You label her like a brand
Fully aware that,

These labels cut her into pieces of loneliness



Self hate

And then she will bleed

Bleed it all onto a paper

Create her own universe

A universe that accepts her for who she is

Bleed her scenarios into her creation’s scenarios

Bleed all her latent desires until she is left desire-less

Bleed all her dreams until she no longer has hope for them

And then she will die

Die a God of a universe that the world is unbeknownst of.


She is an introvert 
Everything is foreign to her

Just like you are foreign to her

Friends is a strange term to her

If she understood it maybe she would indulge


She is happy

She gets drunk until she forgets her name too

She is witty, talkative, easy going and amicable 

But you won’t know because you think she is the worst thing in the world
She also thinks you are the worst thing that’s ever happened to her life

She is the worst

You are the worst

You are all the same

Although because you despise her difference 

You mutter your profanities under your breath

Despite being stoic, your profanities are a symphony of her ears.

It would be better if you stop fooling yourselves. 


She is an introvert 

She looks crazy

A mute

Created to bolster your non existent confidence


If you open your mind and see that you are not any different from her

You will realise she is the most safest sea in all seas

The easiest mountain to climb

True beauty like the skies 

She is an introvert not an alien.

14 thoughts on “Introvert

  1. Does writing help with your introversion? I think that there are many different forms of introversion. Mine is quite mild. I don’t enjoy small talk in large groups. I prefer a small number of close friends. And long conversations that are not meaningful tire me. But I think you are talking about a different level of introversion. Always remember that you are beautiful and worthy just as you are

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mr Modigliani, writing has helped me a lot and I understand you form if introversion. It’s actually a bit similar to mine. Well now I push myself to be a little talkative with absolutely anyone but I am a quiet person to a stranger and an annoyingly talkative one to a person I know.

      Thanks for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully written as usual Sammy darling…

    Being an introvert sometimes is a curse… but introverts think better… they are more caring than others… you depicted the negative side of the introvert which is very truly said.

    Are you an intro or extro or intro-extrovert…

    Liked by 1 person

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