Translate to me

Daily prompt challenge: Translate

You happen to speak a language I love 

And I need some translation, 

With your lips tight around my hard and taut nipple, sucking the numb bead, translated it to me 

Your tongue caressing, your mouth sucking, your teeth biting, translate it to me

Translate it without words, but your touch, across my body, caressing and loving all my curves… translate it to me 

How you do this, how you make me feel like I am not human but a firefly, 

Little and glowing in your presence, caught and kept in a jar of love. 

Like a perplexed firefly I need you to translate it to me. 

From my innocent tongue to your lustful, dirty and sexy tongue, have me moaning ‘fuck’ like it’s the first I said in my life, 

Have me calling your name erotically, have me speaking the same language as you.  

And as you lose yourself into me, 

I will scream ‘yes Daddy’ 

And you will know that we now speak the same language: 

Love and Fucking, it’s called 

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