My fantasy 

I have a fantasy… (for real)

Once he knows going to the cinema is my favourite thing, I wish to interrupt him purposely. With the bucket full of popcorns on his lap, sitting there all manly in the dark, concentrating on that big screen. I want to whisper “I have a fantasy”. I want to see him grin, lustfully while chewing some popcorns and trying to avoid the coquettish whisper. 

“What’s that fantasy?” He would ask, those blue eyes gleaming in the dark. Flashing like the thunder. I will smirk latently knowing I want to surprise him. 

“I will let you know. Watch the film” one thing for sure I know his mind would be running crazy. I am pretty cute so he would not know that I have one hell of a naughty fantasy in my mind. So in the middle of the film, I will snake my hand to his thigh, rub softly. He would glance at me and I will look forward at the screen like I don’t know what my hand is up to. 

Then… I will slide my hand over his crotch, he will take in his breath and glare at me. “Sam, what are you…”

“Shhh watch the film” I will smile at him and continue caressing. Enjoying his uncomfortableness. I will feel him get harder and harder with each stroke. He will lean back shut his eyes as a flood of lust floods him inside making him grow harder and bigger inside his pants.  

“You are so naughty” he would grunt/whisper bitting on his sexy lip as I shove my hand inside his pants. Then I will stroke him slowly and gently. 

“I know” I will smirk at him and then pull my hand out and leave him wanting more. 

“Why the heck are we even watching this” infuriated and damn famished to make me pay for getting him hard in the middle of the film, he slurs

“Because I love film and the longer you stay wanting to bang me the more riled up you will be” I wink at him and watch the film. 

He looks towards the big screen but when I glance at his crotch he is still hard. Smirking, I lean to his ear touch my lips with his skin “I told you, I have a fantasy” I will graze my teeth in his skin have him feeling like he will burst. 

“Fuck it, lets go” he will angrily and posessively pull me out of the cinema.The  rest is unimaginable.

38 thoughts on “My fantasy 

      1. Love should never be. If people allowed them self to explore the wonders of love, no one would be unhappy. Some women tell themselves they wouldn’t do such to a man or a man would do that to them. Love is a matter of exploring both sides of it. That’s why it is a forever and ever kind of thing

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  1. I wrote a story similar to this it was fun.
    I worked in a cinema when I was 19 and I actually caught two people going at it in an empty screen.
    I had to throw them out and they didn’t even get a chance to get all their clothes on.
    It was rather embarrassing for all involved

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