I Surrender 

The power of letting go is heavenly 

An ecstasy only experienced  when covered in sweat and love 

Sought for oxygen 

Bodies tangles 

Back scratched 

Neck bruised 

Voice gone 

The aroma sweet and heavy

Sex  and Love 

It’s why I Surrender myself to you 

To you were you ravish me 

Spank me and flip me over 

Get ever so wet so you can drown 

My body powerless to your power 

Your hand branding on my skin 

I surrender myself to you 

To you I will cum 

Think I have orgasmed 

A myriad of sexual excitement 

I have been fucked

My legs wide and aching 

Surrendered to your beast 

To you I will worship you

Dismiss my innocence 

Embark into the Stars of the galaxy 

Float out of space like a weight less balloon 

Choke on my own pleadings 

Pleading you to Fuck me 

Fuck life out of me 

Surrender to you


There is a power in surrendering 

Letting go of the engines in my body 

Letting go of the daily havoc 

And giving in to your loving 




To you 

To you 

I surrender. 

14 thoughts on “I Surrender 

  1. Samantha I love your work truly great, I wrote a post called a heart breakers two sided heart, I added two questions at the end and wanted your opinion on it.

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  2. I love your work. You are right in your words and logic. Two people must strive to keep their sexual need alive. I believe it a simple act of ensuring your pardner is content and you must be flexible. Thank you dear Samantha for your amazing poetry. You are my muse for this day. Thank you.

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  3. Mmmm, this has me so fired up! I often finding myself fantasizing about you… How I would spank your hot little ass and mark you as mine. How I would mark you and fill you with my scent and essence. How I would love to drown in your arousal…💦🔥

    Liked by 1 person

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