Heart break 

I hurried like a fool with a lottery ticket Allowed you to be the radiator 

Make my body burn with lascivious desire 

Too warm to allow any clothes against my skin 

All I wanted was for you to rip my clothes off 

Feel your lips against my skin

Cool and eager on my skin 

Showering me with your touch 

Loosing my self to your cold love

A heart break lingered but I was busy on my knees 

Pleasing so to be pleased 

You filled every orifice 

I forgot how it was like to be empty 

All I knew was the presence of you inside 

And I forgot you were here for your second try 

A fuck that will leave me breathless and sweaty 



Heart broken

62 thoughts on “Heart break 

  1. We get lost in the heat of the moment at times. Amazing sensations surge to every inch of our flesh. It’s a deal you can’t ever regret as long as the expectations are known. Wonderfully conveyed, Samantha!

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      1. That’s a good question

        All of him to me means that I am completely and utterly his and therefore he is completely and utterly mine, I am not his second best, he is mine and mine only. I want his love just like he would have mine, his body just like he has mine, his jokes and happiness all mine. I just want to love him and know thy he loves me too almost the same way or more

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      2. Wow, it sounds like you are big on possession. His jokes and happiness has to be yours? How is that possible? How does he show you, you could never be second best? Does he make you feel second best? If so, how? Do you know what his language of love is? For me, in order to show someone complete devotion, I have to be allowed around that person and the compromise can’t be one sided. Like my willingness to compromise and meet her friends for example has to be met with a compromise from her. Like trusting me to go out into the world without thinking the absolute worse like I’m recruiting other people for my team when would never do that. Another compromise would be her knowing, with out a shadow of doubt that she is number one.

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      3. I didn’t realise what a possessive moron that comment made me lol. I am mostly the submissive one. Just to state I am not in a relationship. It’s just what I have seen happening. I totally understand what you have just explained and it’s exactly how I look at a relationship. It’s all about trusting one another and showing love to each other in ways that they show love as individuals

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      4. lol I just explained from what my friend had went through and I was kind of taking out the frustration on the comment that I didn’t realise how ridiculous some of the things I said were. Having his laugher and jokes to me that would be seriously delirious. I am mostly the submissive kind of a person

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      5. Yeah that’s exactly what I meant, I want to be there for him when he needs someone to talk someone to help him and more. I want to make him laugh and smile and I want to be someone who he thinks about and smile or feel extremely happy involuntarily

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      6. Have you told him this? It could be totally possible that he feels like this. You never know, he would be happy to hear these words and needs them. Do you let him be there for you?

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      7. Yes, I forgot. Would you let him be there for you.. When you enter into a relationship? Is it wrong or does it make the feminine feel uncomfortable when the masculine claims her as being tied to his destiny. Future wife, life partner, etc. Is that creepy, wrong, or controlling?

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      8. I would love for him to be there for me. I love that kind of masculinity, although the idea of being ‘tied’ can appear a little too much to some women although to me it’s what I love. To be his future wife and a life partner it’s what I need

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      9. I really hope you tell your future guy this. He would love appreciate and adore your honesty. Wrong choice of words even if it makes you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. Apart of his destiny!! Your story and his story involves you both. Only tied if you are absolutely sure that’s what you need. Please tell him of course with your mouth and your actions.

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      10. I would never do that* Communication is of the utmost. I want her to trust me with her heart, love, affection, care, etc. Listening too, openly and freely. Ex. If I’m bad at writing, tell me, help me improve. And if she’s not so good at something I’m good at, I’m willing to hear her out, support and encourage her, and even help find a solution if that is what she communicates as her need. But what I need is kinetic energy from the power of loves healing touch. Not to use her body but to show her love, affection, and attention. Touching doesn’t always have to be sexual. Contact needs to be had. No contact order of enforcements does nothing but make matters worse and it brings out my inability to listen attentively. It makes me cold, angry, and bitter. I need her warmth, because she has the ability to light up my dark skys. I need her to know this! Separation is not a strength for me.

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  2. Oops!!!

    Never heart broken with a loving like that ..
    just know without you eager and lustfull participation .. you wouldn’t have enjoyed him so much..
    and don’t think think for one moment.. that he didn’t enjoy 😊 you even more and left with a smile..

    He will be back..

    You just bask in the glory of fulfillment… you got what you wanted . And he couldn’t have without your eager consent..

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    1. Thank you for such an amazing comment Nita, you are seriously the best.

      One of the meanings in this poem is that feeling of being used, that you enjoy the moment but as it end you feel like it shouldn’t have happened.

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      1. Samantha..
        Never feel used…

        Because if you didn’t want it so badly he couldn’t have..
        So who actually used who…

        As long as you you were left happy and totally satisfied with a smile of gratification..
        then my guess is…
        You used him.. and you got what you so much desired…

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