Open, like the doors of heaven to a saint 

You are no angel 

Open, like the beautiful rivers 

Flowing the erotic waters

Open for your eyes to marvel your work


Open, my legs never close 

 hands on my knees spreading them apart, 

Wide open, the trust that beams like an angels halo

Yearning for a healing touch 

A potent nurturing touch 

Capable of tearing rivers into two 

Capable of driving forces that can’t be moved 

Moving inside me, 

Friction like the tectonic plates before a great tsunami 


I am an empty jar 

Awaiting your entrance 

So you can fill me up 

With your honey 

Leave me sweet and blessed 



Like the ocean 

 Always available for you to dive in 

Swim in the divine nature 

Were you will drown 

The fate of your survival lies in it 



My trust the subtle string pulled between my legs as they are open 

My love the force that makes it ever so easy 

My desire, the energy thundering inside me 



Like a vessel with no soul

Waiting impatiently for you to give me a reason

A soul 

A heart to love 


It’s more than just being open 

It’s the enclosure of more than just an empty open 


Are my legs ready to be unable to close ever again. 



To you my love

12 thoughts on “Open

  1. No, I’m no angel… What a divine gift you would be to open up nice and wide…so deep🔥 Opened wide for others to admire and lust after…but mine to own. Mmmm Samantha, this was so passionate 💖🔥

    Liked by 1 person

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