A Lucky Man’s nightmare 

Darrel was a man who had everything in his life. A high grossing company that had become his holy grail over the years. A beautiful wife, witty and immensely beautiful. Most men used to tell him he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful and loving woman. 

Despite that, Darrel was lucky with the ladies. His wife Roina was aware of this but she had thought it was just rumours.Like  a woman with all the money in the world he decided to hire a spy woman that was going to follow his husband to Las Vegas. He had told her it was a business trip. Normally he would trust her husband’s words, but not after multiply finding women’s objects in his briefcase not after catching him flirting with women and not after he cheated again. 

She sat in the living room and inserted the tape that her spy had filmed everything without him knowing. Roina had told her to have some evidence, so the spy went on and planted some cameras at every surface of the hotel room. 

So as Roina watched, she saw Darrel walk in with two ladies, kissing them. Drowning in the eroticism of two young women princesses eager to please him. One had blonde hair and the other was taller with brown hair. 

Despite the thump her heart made she sipped on her red wine and watched. Watched her husband’s cock being sucked by another blonde woman. The woman was messy and slurping all over him. Spitting on his manhood and rubbing it. She was leering coquettishly at him with a pornstar’s smile while she moaned along with him. She heard the lewd things he was saying to her as she worked his cock while he kissed and sucked on the other’s tits. 

Her heart ached like someone had just stabbed a dagger into it but she wanted to see that when her husband slept with these women, was there an ounce of guilt or not? 

He sat on the white leather sofa and the one that had her tits being savoured by his mouth hopped on and began riding him while the other that was sucking him up climbed the sofa and positioned herself above his face and sitting on it. 

A tear threatened to escape the lids of her eyes as her heart clenched life and serenity out of her. Darrel’s face was her throne. She was the only woman he had to eat like that. She had given herself to Darrel to do what ever he wanted. She dominated her world but submitted to him fully. And there he was having a nobody sit on his face, his tongue pleasing this woman. 

She saw them switch, the girl that had been riding him was now sitting at the upper edge of the sofa, the other with brown hair was now on fours on the sofa eating the blonde one while Darrel ravaged her from behind. She knew that was his favourite position, Fucking her against the edge of the bed, the kitchen island, the sofa, the shower, everywhere and there he was fucking another woman. 

She watched them, roll in their Fucking and each moment she told herself she wasn’t going to cry but her entire body was trembling with immeasurable heartbreak. 

Was it because he always wanted a threesome? She hadn’t said no to that and she had told him she would do it for him, what was it that made him do this to her? With all that she had done for him? 

She continued to sip on her wine like a sane woman that she totally wasn’t. Darrel had never tapped into the crazy side of this woman. So she watched as he fucked both girls and as his orgasm stroked him, she felt the dagger twist in her heart. She trembled just like he spasmed in the video. His moans of pleasure released her tears. They gushed like a river as she closed her eyes. Her heart sunk inside the ocean of pain that she couldn’t hold back the sobs. 

She was a woman with a career, she dedicated herself to this man for a very long time. She had never ever hurt him and but seeing pleasure rather than guilt in his eyes, angered her. 

Darrel was nothing without her and she had to show him that. So she got up and went into the pool house, and turned on all eight gas stoves they had. Then she went into the office and negotiated with the bank that they freeze every bank account. She wanted him to feel all the pain. She had all his millions frozen in the bank, all his credit cards frozen. She went into the kitchen and turned lit the gas stove. She didn’t pack away or anything. She knew he would want to have her arrested but if he dared he would never ever have his money again. All the business money went into the back and once it was in, it was locked in. 

All hers. 

She wore her black 6 inch formal heels and her ritzy black coat, applied her blood red lipstick and some shades. She grabbed her work bag and the files of one of her cases as she was a lawyer. She had to be in court at 12:30am.

So she told her garden boy that she would pay him ten thousand pounds if he gets out of the house lock it then throw in the lighter. 

She drove to the court and while she was defending a criminal her mansion exploded. When her husband rang to tell her about the tragedy she didn’t feign to be hurt. 

She said “I told you once you hurt me again, I will be your biggest nightmare Darrel” she hang up the phone. 

Her words left Darrel gobsmacked standing in front of his burnt down mansion while the firefighters tried to tame the fire. 

In that second he knew, he was a lucky man and his wife was his biggest nightmare. 

3 thoughts on “A Lucky Man’s nightmare 

  1. This is a rough read…I could feel her pain and anger. You wrote this really well. She has some interesting questions as she watches the video. She thinks about her complete submission to him. A lot women fantasize about being about submissive but that may not always be what the man desires. This lucky man series has been amazing! I’m intrigued by what his thoughts will be on why he did it. Also about how this plays out. Maybe she should tie him up and make him watch her be plowed from behind by the gardener…🔥🔥🔥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michael it’s always such a pleasure to see that you have been on my blog. I understand that complete submission can appear as though it’s what a man wants. For a woman to be not aware of this is due to the man and the woman’s lack of communication.

      The lucky man series is also my favourite. I might write a part concerning his side of the story.

      And I love your suggestion, having him tied up while she is hitting with another man, the Gardner on top of that 😉 that sounds enticing to write.

      Th k you for stopping by Michael 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Communication is so important as you mention😊Of course, not an excuse for what he did. You punish him good in your story by ensuring she is delightfully punished in front of him🍆🔥 Hope you’ve had a great week, Sexy Samantha 😘

        Liked by 1 person

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