I miss him

Like a brand new shoe 

I miss the owner I have never had 

The sight of him is a sweet mixture of endearment and pain

Never been completely entwined in the coitus strings of life with a man 

With him 

But I miss him 


Strangely, like a night sky missing the sun

An impossibility I hinder 

Someone I have never had hence his absence is a dagger twisting inside me 

I might, I might not be adored by this man 

But I miss him. 

Like an overflowing river missing the presence of water 

Like a road missing brand new cars 

A sky needing clouds 

Clouds that cry due to missing him 

I really miss him

Like a desert without trees 

Time that’s never lasted a minute 

The five minutes that feel like ecstasy 

A drug I didn’t know I needed. 

I loathe this feeling 

Missing something I have never had 

Makes me feel pathetic 

Like a snail 

Hopeless like ants 

No matter how much I hate it 

I miss him so much 

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