Low life 

Low life 

Lower than life 

Higher than standards 

Lower materialistically

Higher aesthetically 

Lower enducation 

Higher adulation 

Lower fortune 

Higher wisdom

Lower houses 

Higher mountains 

Lower love 

Higher lives 

Lower happiness 

Higher freedom 


Low life 

High happiness 

Nothing to nothing 

Nothing to something 

Something to smiling 

Smiling to crying 

Laughing to gagging


Low life 

Low language 

High curses 

Low mentality 

High morality 

Low on cash 

High on drugs 


Low life 

Have nothing but something 

Dressed nothing but covered in something 

Rags as rage 

He is working for nothing 

Low life 

In the eyes of the intelligent 

High life 

In the eyes of the wise.  

11 thoughts on “Low life 

  1. just love the shifts in the second, third and fourth stanzas and how they flow in the four lines that end the poem – how pain, drugs and low self-esteem can effect a gradual drift to nothingness.

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