There was no ruminating

Initiative thinking only 

My mind is always illuminating 

Glittering with lustily traits 

The imitation of an untamed bull 

I am fuming the lustful smoke through my nose 

Every part of me heats ups. 

I knew it, 

I was sure of it when I saw a glimpse of your skin, 

Down your pelvis 

You weren’t trying to be sexy you were just tucking your shirt 

It was just a glimpse 

I had always denied it but it just added more gasoline to my endearment towards you. 


I had a glimpse of your treasure hair 

My mind took me to where it led, 

I knew were it led 

It made me shiver, 

My clit throbbed 

For the first time in your presence, my libido screamed at me 

How much I felt the need to please you right then 

If circumstances were different, I would have… 

do you really wanna know? 

I would have suggested we go get out of the shop 

So I would ask you what you wanted me to do. 

It wouldn’t be about me but it would be about you.

The most thing I ever wanted was to suck you 

Ride you

Touch you 

Freak you 

Kiss you 

Hug you

Everything and anything 

Words can’t even equate it because this is my lowest illustration of pleasing, 

Of endearment

I am distant to my own intellectual skill 

I can’t write anymore because I don’t have the motivation, 

All I think about is you and your Fucking disappearance!


I couldn’t breath and I wondered if you had noticed 

I wanted to breath you 

Your lips against mine 

Your body against mine 

Just us. 

I am on urge and alone these days 

I avoid everything and all I am thinking about is you. 

It sucks

I am just…

I normally just write how I feel 

Now I can’t write what I feel 

Because it’s astronomical 

My head can’t hold the weight of the words 

My heart is pumping harder

I don’t know what’s going on any more 

I hate it and I love it 

Because it’s strange that I have no term for it. 

It’s just… 




I will put a title when you breath life back into me and my brains can function again. 

In the meantime… 

it’s untitled

13 thoughts on “Untitled 

  1. i like how the poem subverts these lines, “There was no ruminating/Initiative thinking only … I am distant to my own intellectual skill/I can’t write anymore because I don’t have the motivation … My head can’t hold the weight of the words.”

    Liked by 1 person

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