A ride

My world is a one way same old life 

I need a ride to the world where no other will take me 

I want you to be my ride 

Let your kisses draw a map on my body 

Identify the short cuts to our arrival 

Although I love the full long journey 


Let your touch invigorate me 

Elicit flames, see smoke rise from my body and know I am burning with a desire 

A desire to be yours 

Elicit a hunger to experience what I can’t even fathom 

The measures I have never dared to go to 

I need a ride 

Where your body is my vehicle 

I will ride you to my heaven 

Be the plane go to the sky where your love will has built a throne for us amongst the light of the moon.

Grind on you as we dance through the storms 

Insert your key into my ignition 

Rev your engine 

Here me purr read for you to take me on a ride 

Drive me crazy

Let me feel every inch of you inside me 

Taking me 

Taking me to places I didn’tknow were   possible 

Or real 

Fuck me 

Fuck life out of me 

For you will give it to me 

Fuck the worlds havoc into oblivion 

Remind me why I love this 

Fuck me breatheless 

Let me lose myself 

Lose control and responsibility 

Be free like a bird 

I need to be free 

I want to feel free 

Let your eyes look into mine 

Let me see us in a world of love and freedom 

Free me 

Break all fears and all barriers 

Take me on an adventure 

A whole new world. 

I need a ride out of this world 

Please take me 

Take me on an explosive ride. 

19 thoughts on “A ride

  1. Girl you are great at writing erotic things. I only wish I could write erotic like this, * I am so jealous in a playful way* Ha, it is for me to say and do sexy things to a guy. But, I am not to clever writing it lol.

    Back to your post though, it is a real treat to be taken for a ride *wink wink* by a sexy man. I am a little kinky girl, so double penetration in the shower is a very nice ride. Lol Great post Girly

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  2. the double entendres in this life be is powerful, “I need a ride to the world where no other will take me.” this is how i read it: “i want to go to a world where no one will violate me.” and “i want to go on a ‘ride’ like no one has taken me.” these two interpretations (of mine) is amplified in the refrains (words) “i need,” and “i want” that run through the poem and, especially the last stanza. nice piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you
      When you analyse my poems like this I feel like I am one of the best poets who can write one line that can be interpreted in many ways. And your interpretation might have been slightly different from mine but it still expresses the meaning behind those words and your understanding of them and thank you for that ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. my pleasure. different people always find new meanings and interpret creative works differently. sometimes those meanings and interpretations will vary from what you have in mind. for me, when this happens i take it as a sign there were other things to find. your reaction is like mine. i found these meanings in your poem because the poem had them – which makes it a nice piece.

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