Fuck you all the time 

I could fuck you all the time 

‘Cause I love how you slide inside 

Feel every inch of you introduce itself 

Your possession, your affection

How you tease this kitten 

How you ravish this kitty 

How you utilise this pussy 

I could fuck you all the time 

‘Cause you love the way I ride you 

My dark hoarse in any position 

High in euphoria

Up and down on that horse 

Take you in like I could not leave without you

Driving in and out like you are on a race to catch a shooting star


I could fuck you all the time 

‘Cause I like how stern you can be 

Throw me on a bed, get bad with me 

Flip me over and spank me

Thrust in like you hate me 

Fuck me like you missed me 

Dig your fingers into my skin like you are searching for my soul 

Say those Fucking nasty words 

Invigorate me with your dirty words 

Feed my brains with quintessential lust 

I could fuck you all the time 

Every Fucking nanosecond

Cause I love the way you are my perfect fit, 

The piece to the puzzle 

I like how you kiss me, Leave my lips spamming  

While your fingers work my pussy  

I could Fuck you all the time 

‘Cause you make me want to fuck you all the time 

‘Cause I crave to fuck you all the time 

‘Everytime I see you, I want to Fuck you all the time

‘Cause it’s no hard feelings, just bad romance.

23 thoughts on “Fuck you all the time 

  1. Sexy sexy sexy this is,
    I am a sensual woman and very passionate. I don’t just like making love I love to make love to every part of a man.

    I love to watch him stroke himself. Then my hand replaces his, my lips his thick hardness my tongue licks I bite just a little and embrace him into my mouth. Just as his eyes roll back and he is moaning, I sit on him and engulf him tightly, hips moving back and forth in circles up and down. I dance on him until his body screams in orgasmic satisfaction.

    Then I bath him put him to bed and I go home I like to sleep in my bed alone most of the time. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, thank you very much
        I do love make love as sensual stimulating experience for for a lover. My pleasure is enjoying him, and I am quite erotic you have no idea but I reframe from writing about it why I don’t know

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Damn, how do you really feel?😃 Sexy girl, this was HOT and you have me stroking myself way to early in the morning🔥I like the raw passion and hunger this writing elicits and you have me starving right now…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sir Michael it’s always such a delight to see that you have read some of my work😁

      I am glad my poem aroused you. It is quite a vision that you expressed in this comment 🔥 and a great promise of a good day. I hadn’t written something raw in a long time and it makes me happy that you enjoyed it and that it left you starving 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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