How to experience ecstatic sex

Enjoying and enduring ecstatic sex begins from within. You have to free yourself. Let go. So in this article I will feature a step by step guide introducing one thing you probably didn’t know before this article or that you knew but didn’t know how to do. 

So the trick is Dance. Yes, Dancing is the trick. Why? Because through dancing you can channel your inner self, you can lose yourself and you can let go of yourself. Physically, you learn to move your body in motions that are freeing. I mean if you think about it, all kinds of dance are almost sexual in a way, think about that belly dance, twerking, or swaying your hips. Isn’t it kind of sexual? But because you hold yourself in you also inhibit yourself from getting outside of your own skin. Sex in fun when it’s free. Free of insecurities, free of problems, unplanned and more. The idea of it is freedom. 


Step 1.

Get into your comfortable space, first; alone. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. Go in the nude if you want. This is totally up to you. But it’s good that you make yourself feel sexy. Sexy is confidence remember. 

Step 2. 

Play a song that is almost ecstatic, FKA Twigs is one of my favourites because her songs are quite strange with some soft rhythms and strong base beats. I literally lose myself. Which is the key. I will give examples of the songs here: Jeremih -all the time or Harsley-not afraid anymore or Beyoncé crazy in love and any more that makes you feel like you are in a sexy music video. Also have a playlist because one song won’t be long enough. Then open the volume to full blast. 

Step 3. 

Sex is never a planned performance. If it is, it will lack authenticity and enjoyment. So don’t start planning how you will move your body. Move with the song, follow its rhythm, follow its momentum. I would advise you don’t play something like Nicki minaj’s anaconda. This moment is about reaching inside your body and soul and discovering. 

Step 4. 

Move. Move baby, sway those hips. Lose yourself and let go. Forget all your problems. View this as one hell of a sexy yoga session. Take your mind off things. Care-less, never mind how you move. Move your body, up and down, sideways and how ever. Close your eyes if it helps. 

Step 5. 

Breath. Let your breath control you, because through sex you are not in control of your breath so why now. Even if you feel like moaning, go ahead. The point here is, loosen up. Be free. Just move. Move your body and eventually you will realised you might be getting turned on. 

Step 6. 

Touch yourself. No I don’t mean pleasure yourself. This is were we mistaken the power of self touching. We rush to touch our pussy/dick. Which leads to just one climax, or taking to much time trying to get yourself wet or your dick hard. You have to stimulate your senses. Touch your body, caress your hands all over your neck, your ass, your everywhere apart from your private part. While you do so, move your body. Get on your knees if you want. Stand if you want. But channel the inner woman/man inside you. That erotic beast.

Tip: Bite your lip.

Step 7. 

Imagination. Use your imagination, envision yourself in a sexy music video or dancing for a partner or just envision your movement and how sexy you look as you move. The point here is to lose yourself to the power of sex and letting go. Forget every insecurity, feel what you imagine. Feel sexy because you really are sexy. Make your mentality think sex and pleasure. All the things you want to endure in your sexuality.

Step 7. 

Now start reaching your sexual parts. Fact is if you do this right you could even climax without even having to touch yourself. If this happens to you, you have achieved the point of this article. Which is Enduring estatic sex mentally. Because that’s where it should start, which is why in this step we get physical. In my experience (and it you do this right) you will be about to achieve your second orgasm. 

Step 8. 

Touch yourself how you like to be touched but don’t lose the rhythm of the song, don’t lose movement, don’t use anything apart from your own hands, don’t think too much about it, just roll in like you are high. Only this time, you are high on yourself. If the song is a bit slow then follow it, if it’s fast (in which I wouldn’t advise for this exercise) follow it. And also continue to touch your other body parts. 

Step 9. 

Lose yourself. Literally, lose yourself to freedom. Free your soul, don’t think wrong or right. Think you and your enjoyment. 

Step 10. 

If you have done it right, you have achieved your second orgasm and to see how powerful this excercise is, take a minute break and go again. You might reach your third or more orgasm. Experience estatic mind blowing self love. 

Note: this is not about you only it’s also just about your sex life generally. Trust me you are never the same after this exercise. Mostly you will crave to feel this way because you will realise how amazing it feels to just break free and be lost in ecstasy. If you have been high before, you will feel similar only sexually this time. And you will crave it. 

Next time do it with your partner. If you wanna know how to. Just comment if you want me to write one for two. 

If you are a woman (I don’t know about men lol) and you are comfortable with same sex love making. Try same sex. I find it even more estatic. 

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      1. Don’t underestimate yourself Simon, sexy has no size or age or style, sexy is what you define as sexy and therefore you probably have it in you. You just need to open yourself up and experience it.

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