I want to be naked

I want to be naked 

Free of everything that effaces who I am 

But who am I?

An invisible line between existing and not existing, 

The grey cloud on a bright blue sky 


I want to extricate myself from me 

Be bold 

Be everything I write I am 

Draw myself for I am perhaps just a character 

Dreaming to be alive 

Knowing nothing is alive about me 


I want to be in the nude 

Glaze my body with confidence 

As it becomes rather poignant

My clothes are a facade built to give me nothing but something to hide 


I don’t want to hide 

Imperfection created a magnificent art 

Yet my imperfection create a sledgehammer for my heart 

Crush me into ash 

I want to free my soul from me 

Let it be who it wants to be 

Draw a smile on its face as this vessel’s smile is plastic 


I want to be happy. 

Why am I not happy. 

Why can’t I be happy. 

When am I going to be happy? 

I wish to be happy. 

How many pints of tears lead to happiness?

I have cried and Ocean, 

Does it take another Ocean of tears for me to be happy?

It’s nobody’s duty to make me happy. 

It’s only a matter of extricating myself from myself so that I can be myself. 

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