Why do women cheat? 

I chose to write this article based on women because I have read over a million about men who cheat and mostly, men cheat because they just don’t wanna settle yet or they are just dickheads. Bare in mind, there are some men who are very loving and they are therefore almost incapable of cheating. That said, women too cheat. In my life I know women who cheat more than men who cheat. Why? 

1. They just can’t settle 

Not every woman is capable of settling with one man. Some want more different men. It’s either as a man you give them less than what they want or you have become something they didn’t think you were and they will go search for it. 

2.You don’t make her feel wanted

Women love feeling wanted. They love knowing that you crave them and that you think about them constantly. If they try to at least push themselves to you and you are lackadaisical or you don’t show enough hunger and want for her, she will go to the man/woman outside that is giving her that kind of attention. 

3. Communication

This is a vital part of any kind of relationship in the world. Some men just can’t talk, they don’t know how to listen to their partner or talk their feelings out. They just don’t know how and the issue there is they don’t try to know how or to at least communicate. This leads to a woman meeting someone who likes talking and falling in love with that person because words are simply amazing. 

4. Bad sex

A woman might love you more than anything but she won’t dedicate her entire life to bad sex. I am sure men wouldn’t too. Sex is important in a relationship. Women as much as men also like it interesting. Try new things and more. Make it good. Know where to improve and don’t feel bruised up when she tells you that you weren’t that good. If you love her, ask her how she wants it and give it to her. Otherwise, she will go and look for someone who goes down dirty. 

5. Dick size issue? 

I know most people think this is the reason. This is debatable due to women being different. And yeah maybe you are already thinking it will be about the dick being small, well you could have a third leg and a woman being unhappy with it. Why? She could be extremely tight and maybe that man’s stimulating skills are quite low so he won’t know how to stimulate her so that she is drenching wet and then use other objects to get her used to his girth and length. Second, yeah it could be too small and also the guy would be probably small on some knowledges which is why I always advise people to read erotica. You could have a small dick but a good mouth, some dexterous fingers and an inquisitive adventurous mindset and a woman would stay. It’s about how you make her enjoy sex, how you use that dick of yours that matters. If you lack other skills and have dick issues, she will go and search for a skilled man and trust me, you don’t want that.
6. Nothing is ever enough for her

There are some women that you could lift the world and give it to them and it would be not enough. So don’t blame yourself when she cheats. Nothing is enough for her. 

7. You cheated too 

Which would only mean you have problems! And she will want to revenge and go bang another man. 

8. You are not romantic 

I am sucker for romance. I love all romantic things, novels and chocolates. It doesn’t have to be an occasion, fret work stop by the shops and get her some of her fav magazine and chocolates. Send her a text reminding her how much you love her. Be romantic, give her a body massage, run her a warm bath, sweet surprises and all. It doesn’t have to cost too much £5 could be enough. Try to put a smile on her face, make her heart beat a bit faster. 

9. Pride and feminism 

Yes this is the issue. Women have an ego too. A huge pride and trust me pride and love are hard to mingle. These days women believe both men and women are equal, some take it to the extreme some keep it nuetral. At the same time you also have your pride, so when there is two alphas in one room there is a war. Sometimes, a man is threatened by feminism or is against it or something else, these issues could break you apart and she could leave or cheat and find someone who won’t bruise her little ego or pride. So know your woman? Is she driven by ego and pride or love and understanding? Is she an extreme feminist or one that is normal? 

These are reasons I can think of. If you have some just comment below and thank you for reading. 

26 thoughts on “Why do women cheat? 

      1. I can imagine, marriage is almost a routine and it’s possible you could get bored of living and experiencing the same life. Which is why there are some options the two can do to spice things up and being back the fire

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  1. I have never cheated on anyone. But having been through being cheated on its awful….I no longer believe people are meant to be together for Ever! I think people meet each others needs for a period of time. When that’s no longer the case. There is a chance either will cheat

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      1. It’s fine it was yrs ago. But thanks….I have to say it changed the way I view needs, longevity and relationships in general. Although my experience is that men seem to cheat more…I just think that’s because women try longer to deal with issues. Before they resort to cheating. I think what’s clear is people need to be honest with themselves and finish relationships rather than showing a complete lake of respect to the injured party, out of selfish self needs. ( I appreciate that’s not always able to be the case, but it mostly is in my experience)

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      2. Women do tend to try and be as stable as possible even through the worst relationships but it’s also not every woman’s strength. Thank you for voicing your opinion. It helps me know more too

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