Eat me

I am here to provide

I am the piquant dish you have ever had 

Eat me 

Savour the taste of a freak in your bed  

Let your tongue sweep across every curve 

Leave me sated 

Take me to the heaven’s doors with just your mouth 

On it, you eat me 

Eat me till I feel my pussy become numb 

Drive your tongue inside me, 

Reach far and taste how much I am in love with you

Eat me 

Let me grind my hips while you hum 

Enjoying what’s yours and yours only 

Make me wet, drenching wet; drink from me 

Let me sit on your face, my throne 

Sit on you, King 

Worship me like I am your religion 

Love me, 

Eat me 

Fuck me with your mouth 

Drive me Fucking crazy 

Let your tongue drive with adulation 

All around it, you taste me 

It feels so damn good, don’t stop 

Keep me cumming and humming 

Taste me, 

I am here to serve you, 

Taste me 

Eat me, daddy

Eat me over and over again because I know you will always want more 

And I will provide 

18 thoughts on “Eat me

  1. I may have to call you erotic Sam, because your blog and writings are so sexy. Your words arouse me mmm so sexy.

    I love the feeling of a sexy mouth between my thighs along with fingers caressing my nipples at the same time. Mmm, keep writing sexy it is great

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Then Erotic Sam it is. Hehee, your writings make my thighs hug tightly to one another. I like it a lot thank you for your sharing kisses doll

        Liked by 2 people

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