Symptoms of affection

As far as I have known, I have always been fine but the sight of you breed a symptom of love 

Lust and affection 

It’s the way you move that has been stripping you naked in my mind 

Those long legs, how my lips would marvel every inch of them, caress them 

The way you talk, it elicit feelings, they fine inside me and all I could think about is you, touching me, kissing me and making love to me

It’s the way you are so smart, that I can’t even help imagine what you would do to me. 

You have unravelled the symptom of a freak 

My mind becomes prepossessed, imagining things I have never done but ones I wouldn’t say no to if you proposed them 

The need to please you commences 

How I would comply to your every need 

How I would kiss you and let you make me yours 

You drive me crazy, the symptom for being in love. In lust and crazy about you.?

3 thoughts on “Symptoms of affection

  1. this line made me smile, “It’s the way you move that has been stripping you naked in my mind.” classic. it’s objectification, but the creativity, naughtiness, playfulness, poetic and wordsmith beauty must be given the credit it deserves. in terms of context, the mental imagery it conjures is comparable to keith murray’s song, “candi bar,” especially the line, “come and rest your feet my little chocolate souffle I know you’re tired you’ve been running through my mind all day.” like i always enjoy hearing that song, i enjoyed reading this line.

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